Boxer Amir Khan Apparently Slid Into A Transgender Model's DM And Ye Kab Baaz Ayega?

By Rameeza Ahmad | 10 Oct, 2018

Apparently, Amir Khan is back at it…


He regularly gets in trouble for cheating or trying to cheat on his wife. And as a result his domestic life is almost always on the rocks and that too publicly since his wife, Faryal Makhdoom takes to social media to air out all the dirty laundry.

The two have both accused each other of cheating, in the past. Amir Khan claimed that Faryal had cheated on him with boxer Anthony Joshua. While stories about Amir’s infidelity have been much more frequent and widely reported.


While the couple is still together because less than a week ago, Amir Khan posted a picture of him with his wife and daughter on his Instagram, there have been rumors of the boxer cheating on his wife… again


This time, a transgender model of Britain’s Next Top Model fame, Talulah Eve has spilled the beans on Amir’s latest indiscretion

Apparently, he messaged the 24-year-old model on Instagram saying she looked ‘hot’ and his messages generally had a very flirty tone. Talulah, however, wasn’t having it and reminded the boxer of his wife.

But of course, Amir had an answer ready and told Talulah that he and Faryal Makhdoom, were getting divorced soon so she was irrelevant.

But Talulah says she shut him down nonetheless and rejected all his advances.


This is not the first time the boxer has been accused of cheating on his wife.

Earlier there were rumors of Amir Khan hanging out with Pakistani model Alyzeh Gabol. Videos of them together had allegedly also surfaced.

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Eid Mubarak from Us 💙

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Faryal has yet to respond to the allegations and is keeping quiet on her social media apart from posting some memes on her Snapchat account. We have our eyes peeled for any updates and will let you know as well!


It is still a little confusing whether or not the couple is together or not, as Amir allegedly said to Talulah. Both of them have repeatedly claimed they are splitting up and then taking the allegations back the next minute. It’s confusing, to say the least.

What do you think of Amir Khan’s constant tharak? Let us know in the comments.



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