Here's How You Can Get a Body Like Mehwish Hayat By Saying No to Sugar

By Sarmad Amer | 5 Apr, 2016

For a healthy body, something like Mehwish Hayat maybe, you need to make lifestyle changes like adopting healthy alternatives to sugar. There are various sugar substitutes available in the market that can let you feed your sweet tooth while not being as detrimental to your body and health as the heavily processed sugar.

Here are some healthier alternatives to sugar, you may want to try:


1. Gurh

Source: Sky Net Exports

Known in English as Jaggery, this is a popular sugar alternative in Pakistan. Gurh is not only used in sweet dishes, it is a popular ingredient for savory dishes as well. It is made with concentrated date, cane juice, or palm sap(see palm sugar) without separation of the molasses and crystals, and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in color.


2. Shakar

Source: Honeyville

Raw sugar or unrefined brown sugar, shakar, is another popular desi alternative that is healthier than the white poison you are used to consuming otherwise. Eaten by sprinkling on top yogurt, adding to lassi or putting in local desserts, shakar, adds the flavor and sweetness without the health hazards associated with refined, white sugar.


3. Honey

Source: Interesting Reality

Ancient Egyptians used honey to preserve the vital organs of their embalmed emperors because honey never goes bad. It is also a much healthier alternative to sugar. But, only in it’s raw, unrefined form. Yeah, many of the store shelf honey varieties you get are as processed, and bad for you, as refined, white sugar is so buyer, beware.


4. Maple Syrup

Source: Bloomberg

Anyone who eats pancakes, french toast and waffles knows how deliciously sugary this golden brown syrup is. It is extracted from the maple tree – the same tree who’s famous leaf is most associated with Canada. Canada is also the largest producer of maple syrup.


5. Molasses

Source: BBC

Also called black treacle, molasses is another sugar alternative. It is a by-product of sugar production from sugar cane and sugar beets. It is a common ingredient in baking and cooking and is also used in making barbecue sauces. It contains close to no fat at all and contains calcium, iron and magnesium, so you know you’re not consuming all the bad fats that are associated with the common sugar.


6. Brown Rice Syrup

Source: Yum Universe

Also called rice malt or simply rice syrup and it is obtained from cooked rice. Yeah, you can get sugar from your rice. The modern commercial production of brown rice syrup is also interesting because it does not use chemicals in treating rice and flour that it is obtained from.


7. Date Sugar

Source: Mulberry Lane Farm

Made from dates – khajoor – date sugar is commonly found in health food stores because it is less processed than regular white sugar. It is very rich in taste, as anyone who’s had a khajoor would know. It also contains all the benefits of a date so it is good for you, overall.


8. Coconut Sugar

Source: Uses of Coconut

Also called coconut palm sugar or coco sugar, it is obtained from the sap of the flowers of the coconut palm trees. In fact, it has been used for quite a lot of years in South East Asian countries with Indonesia and the Philippines even being the largest producers of coconut sugar. It tastes like brown sugar, with a hint of caramel in it. So if you’re a fan of caramel sauce, you’re definitely going to fall in love with it quickly.


9. Stevia

Via: Medical Store

Obtained from the plant known commonly as sugarleaf or sweetleaf, stevia is a popular sugar alternative because it is much healthier. If you’re on a carb-controlled diet, you’re definitely going to love this one because stevia doesn’t have any effect on your blood glucose levels, unlike the refined white sugar does. It is also sweeter than regular sugar so you’re not even compromising on taste at all. Available in Pakistan under the trade name NoCal, it is definitely a healthier addition to your regular morning cup of chai.


10. Agave Nectar

Via: Nourish Revolution

Produced most commonly in Mexico and South Africa, agave is a sugar alternative that is even more sweeter than honey. While it is usually considered as healthy by many, there are some who dispute it’s claim because of the very high fructose content in agave and also because it may become resistant to insulin if consumed in very large quantities. But then again, as they say, everything in moderation.

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