Here Are All The Reasons Why ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie' Was The Best Show On Pakistani TV

By Arslan Athar | 9 Aug, 2018

‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ was a show that ruled Pakistan’s households in the 90s. As the name would suggest, the show revolved around 3 army men and their lives. The show won people’s hearts for how it portrayed the Pakistani armed forces but also for how relatable and loveable the characters were.

It’s pretty safe to say that the show was pretty iconic. 

The show follows the lives of three Captains in the Pakistani Army; Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher, Alpha Bravo Charlie, respectively. The show gained popularity for its simple writing, powerful message and dialogues.

Source: PTV

The show was made in a way that was very simple, making it more relatable to the general awaam. 

‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ had no fuss or unnecessary shenanigans happening in it. The storyline wasn’t fussed or rushed. When we asked our followers what they liked the most about the show, a lot responded by saying that the story was constructed around the common person, their problems and their lives. Nowadays, a lot of stories seems to exaggerate the lives of the characters they’re focused on.

Source: PTV

Another major reason why the show caught on the way that it did, is the characters and the dialogues. 

One character that kept coming up, over and over again is Gulsher. One fan, in particular, said ‘His character and his struggle goes to show that money and sources can’t get you everything but hard work and sincerity can. Also, who doesn’t like a man who helps in the kitchen’.

Another mention that keeps coming up is Shehnaz and Gulsher and their romance. The way they met each other, and how their love grew all just seemed so natural and unscripted. Their story stemmed from reality and again, as mentioned before, never felt exaggerated for made into a sort of fairy tale.

Source: PTV

Some people also mentioned how Shehnaz was not your typical Pakistani TV show heroine. She was strong-willed and she had her own ideas and thoughts, which she wasn’t ever afraid to express or talk about.

The show also focuses on friendship. 

While the show depicts how the army and its training created such a deep bond, friendship is a universal concept and something everyone can understand. Faraz, Gulsher and Kashif were always there for each other and were each other’s support system. One heartbreaking scene that exemplifies how the show beautifully captured dosti is when Kashif returns after his arm is amputated because of his experiences at the Siachen glacier. Faraz and Gulsher are obviously upset over the news however, they muster their courage to make sure their friend doesn’t pity himself or feel like he’s lesser in some way.

Source: PTV

‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ is a show that captured the attention of all of Pakistan. The show would definitely be classified as one of Pakistan’s best. What did you like about show? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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