All Your Favorite TikTok Stars Are Taking The Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge, Here's How You Can Join Them & Win An iPhone 11

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 Aug, 2020

Take the Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge to win an iPhone 11

As Pakistan’s Independence Day is upon us, it is important to not just celebrate the country at large but also the things that make it great. This is why Sarsabz Fertilizers have come up with a campaign that doesn’t just celebrate the country but also the people.


Sarsabz Fertilizers is trying to unite Pakistanis with this fun and exciting Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge

The challenge is based on their new song celebrating the beauty of Pakistan and its people, ‘Hum Se Sarsabz Pakistan‘. But that’s not all; they’re going all out on their celebrations with a TikTok challenge that is very simple, yet extremely fun.

And the best part? You can stand to win iPhone 11 if you make a good video and use the hashtag and song in it!


Show your spirit of azaadi by making a TikTok on this song! Add hashtag #SarsabzPakistanChallenge & tag us to win an iPhone 11

♬ Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge – sarsabzofficial

A lot of your favorite TikTok stars joined the challenge and have already made videos to give you an idea, we thought we would break down exactly what they did in case they inspire you.


Everyon’s favorite kisaan Phoollu has joined the Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge


Win iPhone 11 – make #SarsabzPakistanChallenge tiktok with this song & tag @sarsabzofficial

♬ Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge – sarsabzofficial

Toqeer Abbas, more popularly known as Phoollu is undoubtedly one of the undisputed kings of Pakistani TikTok, his video showcases beautiful shots of him and some children waving Pakistani flags. The backdrop for his video are plush fields which drive home the message of ‘Sarsabz Pakistan’. As always, Phoollu has kept his video simple yet delivered the message effectively.


TikTok’s newly emerged queen, Kanwal Aftab is also part of the challenge by Sarsabz Fertilizers


Win iPhone 11 – make #SarsabzPakistanChallenge tiktok with this song & tag @sarsabzofficial #kanwalaftab #foryourpage #foryou

♬ Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge – sarsabzofficial

Kanwal is a brilliant TikToker, and in her innovative video for the Sarsabz Pakistan challenge, she showed how when Pakistanis see anyone involved in something wrong like littering or having a fight, they should intervene. The message again is simple, this is our country and we should feel responsible in bettering it.


Other top Pakistani TikTok stars including Asad Ray are also joining in on this challenge to show their love for the country in a fun way


Win iPhone 11 – make #SarsabzPakistanChallenge tiktok with this song & tag @SarsabzOfficial

♬ Sarsabz Pakistan Challenge – sarsabzofficial

Asad Ray appeared in his video alone however he delivered quite a performance! He is enthusiastically acting out he lyrics, and at one point rips off his plain black shirt to reveal a shirt with an Independence Day theme, the video is simple yet gets the point across.

Don’t forget, you can also take part in this challenge and potentially win at iPhone 11! You can make a video using the same audio in the background, all you have to do is tag @SarsabzOfficial on TikTok and use the hashtag #SarsabzPakistanChallenge.

The competition is already building up with more than 500,000 views so far and they’re only increasing so you better get on it quickly if you want to win that iPhone.


You can listen to the entire song by Sarsabz Fertilizers here:



Cover image: @kanwal.135 via TikTok / @phoolllu via TikTok

This post has been sponsored by Sarsabz Fertilizers

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