All The Types Of Tharkis In Pakistan You Should Know About

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 2 Feb, 2019

“Tharak aur sarak, insaan ko kahi bhi leh jati ha.” – Anon Tharki

Tharkis exist in all forms, shapes, and sizes. As a guy, I can testify to the fact that there are types within the larger umbrella of the term, tharki. I’m not proud of it, but they exist. I suppose all I can do is inform you guys about them. So, let’s get into dissecting the types.

The ones who stare for WAY too long.


Now, this tharki right here is basically harassing you girls. He strips you with his eyes and marries you in his thoughts. You can almost see the tharak glittering in his eyes but at the same time, you can’t really do anything about it because he’s “just looking.” These tharki’s are the most common and annoying ones among this list. Feel free to shoot a video and make them go viral on Facebook. Call em’ out.

Online ashiqeen (the bobs and vagene guys)

source: 9Gag

These tharkis are world famous. They invade the inboxes of countless unsuspecting women and will continue to keep invading them till they see the bobs and vagenes they so ardently seek. There is no cure or precautions you can take against them. They didn’t choose the bob life, the bob life chose them.

Park meh date maarne wale ya unko taarne wale

source: Make a Meme

These tarse huay bache are often found under the shade of a tree trying to sneak a kiss with their very reluctant and highly uncomfortable queens.

If they’re even more tarsa hua, they’ll just watch from the sides.

Mall wale boiz

source: NetSideBar

Mall Dolmen ho ya ho Emporium, agar waha ladies aati hein, waha yeh hazoor zarur ate hein. This squad is the poondi squad. Alone they are too scared to bother anyone, but united, they are unstoppable – like a well-oiled machine that no one needs or ever will need. Whistling, stalking, taking pictures or hooting are a few of their many habits.

Jo sabka bhai banta ha aur andaar seh harami hota ha


They are nice to your face but as soon as you leave, they’ll say the most absurd and lewd shit about you. These are the same guys who think they’re entitled to sex just because they know you and whine when you don’t reciprocate their feelings. They’re dangerous because behind your back, they’ll talk shit about you as well.

The Uncle Majboors

source: AppGrooves

Naam hee kaafi hai.

Larki keh fake account seh phasanay wale

source :whsipers

Yes, this happens. People are this desperate. The whole rule of staying away from strangers? Yeah, stick to that.

This guy


I really don’t think I need words to explain this. “A picture speaks a thousand words” is true in this case and the first words are ‘WTF yaar.’ It’s sad and shocking, but yeh bhi ek type hai. Bach ke rahein.

The ones who use their “sources”

source: imgflip

Over the years I’ve been asked to be a source a million times and each time I’ve wanted to slap their annoying faces. They ask for the numbers of these girls they have their eyes on and expect it’ll do wonders for them. Number mil bhi jaye toh konsa phasa lo ge bandi ko?

Easy load dene wale

via Pinterest

They’re the reason why the Asmas and Sabas will never not have balance in their phone. Jitna marzi balance dalwa de yeh log magar call phir bhi khud hee karte hain.

Jisko sab seh pyaar hojata ha.

via Pinterest

Oh boy. If they see a female specimen with a pulse, you can bet your ass they have a thing for her. There’s just no evading this and there’s no cure either.

Jo baray baray waade karta hain


This tharki will promise you the sun and stars. But won’t leave his house to help you if it’s raining. This is also the same tharki jo kehta hai ke ammi nahi maan rahi jaanu.

Please stay away from him and his lies.

The self-obsessed narcissist 


This tharki loves himself and if you accidentally compliment him, you won’t hear the end of it for ages. That small compliment might even get this tharki chasing after you forever. His fuel is tied into the validation he gets from you.

Tharkis make the world go WTF. We don’t need them, but they exist, and, well, we can’t help that, except hope that perhaps, one day, they will go extinct.

Know a tharki? Tag karo and let them know ke bro, there’s still time to change.


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