All The Struggles You Know Only If Your Sister Lives Away From You

By MangoBaaz Studio | 16 Jul, 2020

The struggle is real your sister lives away from you

Sisterhood is a beautiful bond; one that you are born into and remains for life! You turn to your sister for everything; when you want to mourn a loss or celebrate a victory she’s the first person you turn to! And honestly, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

However, there comes a time when sisters have to part ways. It might be because she’s moving away for studies, for a job or if she got married. But the bond still remains.


1. If your sister lives away, your phone is like a tribute to her existence. It’s filled with messages and photos from her

Your sister saw a funny billboard so she sends you a picture. She can’t decide on what to wear for a dinner, she sends you her choices to help her in deciding. She made her first biryani from scratch and wants to show you! Of course, your phone’s gallery at this point is pictures she sends to you. Sure, this is pretty much the case regardless of where your sister lives but with added physical distance, you must reserve every single memory and every single moment from each other’s life in your phone!

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2. You call her EVERY SINGLE DAY for a tea session with your favorite cup of Tapal Danedar

You really don’t realize what your sister means to you till she moves away! From the mandatory chai sessions after coming home, taking turns to brew some Tapal Danedar chai and then discussing your daily ventures. Now even though there is a physical distance between you, thanks to technology that distance can be easily covered. But for the perfect tea session you need a good cup of Tapal Danedar chai to add that extra something.

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3. You have to become the family representative at ever family daawat because your sister lives away and can’t be present at every occasion

Whenever you meet anyone at gatherings they consider you as the point person for all details related to your sister. ‘Kaisi hai woh? Usko humara salam dena.’ You are so well versed in answering this question that you can recite her recent updates in the course of one single breath. Of course, after the event you have to video call her and fill her in on all the family gossip. Not to forget another cup of steaming hot Tapal Danedar chai for this gossip fsession too.

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4. All the clothes in her closet become your extra closet now that your sister lives away from home

Of course when your sister moves, she can’t possibly take her entire wardrobe with her and it’s only fair that you take a few pieces rather than just let them sit in a cupboard unused. The inevitable fight when she sees you wearing her clothes during your tea time video session can just be ignored because ab toh dou dou almariyaan haan full of clothes just for you.

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5. The best moment is when your sister comes to visit and you give her a huge list of things you want her to bring

When she decides to come home for a trip, you give her a HUGE list on what you want her to bring back with her. I mean, if your sister doesn’t do that for you then who will? And when she finally makes her way back home, you greet her with a steaming cup of Tapal Danedar chai as you can finally have your beloved tea sessions in person again.

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What are some things you and your sister can’t live without if you’re living away from each other? While you’re thinking about it, watch this cute Tapal Danedar ad showing just the most beautiful bond between sisters:


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