Literally Everything That Happens When You Try To Pull An All Nighter As An Adult

By Momina Mindeel | 11 May, 2017

An all nighter was the best thing in college. You would stay awake the whole night, hang out with friends till late, watch a season or two of your favorite show and maybe even do some of your pending assignments and you’d still be wide awake to take on the next day. But if you’re a working adult who has responsibilities to take care of, foregoing your sleep isn’t necessarily the best idea.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to relate to if you pull an all nighter by disregarding the consequences:


1. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, your mind automatically starts forcing your eyes to feel sleepy

Source: Hum Network Limited


2. But then you think about the last three episodes of the fifth season of your show so you just shout ‘yolo’ to yourself and keep watching 

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions / Warner Bros. Television


3. Halfway through that binge your mind takes you back to feeling guilty about not taking your health seriously



4. But then you think maybe you could take a day off so you google some “believable” excuses

Source: Soch Band/ YouTube


5. It’s 3 AM now



6. You can already imagine yourself getting fired for taking yet another day off but you just can’t stop at the second last episode



7. You feel like absolute garbage because your mind has started to stop working as the sunrise is coming closer



8. You start feeling guilty for doing this to yourself but then you remember there’s coffee that can save you… hopefully



9. You go through several sleep attacks but you power through for the last couple hours



10. You mentally prepare yourself to answer absurd questions at work like “are your drunk?”



11. Despite all the odds, you end up pulling the all nighter, so you take a shower and leave for work all the while telling yourself that you can pull through the day



12. As soon as you arrive at your workplace, the intensity of what you’ve done start kicking in and you frantically search for coffee even if you aren’t a coffee person 

Source: Danish Ali/YouTube

13. After coffee you feel like a champ but you promise not to do this again… honestly, you know you will end up doing it anyway

After all, YOLO



Have you tried pulling an all nighter as an adult?

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