Feroze Khan's New Begum Just Made Kheer For Her In-Laws And Yes, Everyone's Still Obsessed With The Couple

By Iman Zia | 12 Apr, 2018

Who said that all the fun was over after Feroze and bae Alizey got hitched? The festivities might be over, what with a grand mehndi, an elegant baraat, and a topnotch waalima, but we now have all the post-shaadi shenanigans to drool over!


Feroze’s sisters Humaima and Dua have truly taken to their sister-in-law, after all, they did choose her for their beloved bhai!

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


Dua uploaded this video on her Instagram, and captioned it with ‘my bhaabi is cooler than yours’


There is so much love it’s so lovely to see it and also feel a part of it

Source: @duamalick/Instagram


So Alizey’s molding in wonderfully with her new in-laws, and cooked a yummy little dish for her saas and bhaabis 

Source: @ferozekhangalaxy/Instagram


Feroze’s beautiful new wife made the very first dish for her saas, a delicious bowl of kheer!

The Insta story (now expired, but God bless screenshots), shows the dish of kheer with a caption reading ‘Aliza ki phehli kheer’

Source: @minna_mallikk/Instagram


Honestly SO CUTE

Source: Warner Bros. Television


(Also unrelated, but we totally want some kheer now)

Source: @minna_mallikk/Instagram


Comments poured in by fans, complimenting Alizey’s beauty

Source: @minna_mallikk/Instagram


Source: @minna_mallikk/Instagram


Source: @minna_mallikk/Instagram


Source: @minna_mallikk/Instagram


We wish Feroze and Alizey all the best!


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