I Watched Netflix's Film “Ali's Wedding” And Goddamn, It's Too Relatable

By Arslan Athar | 26 Jun, 2018

Netflix has recently put a major effort into making films and shows that cater to people from our part of the world. These films highlight different parts of our society and encapsulate our experiences. One such production has recently graced Netflix is ‘Ali’s Wedding’.

Source: Netflix

‘Ali’s Wedding’ follows the life of a Shia Iraqi family that moved to Australia to run away from persecution and the political climate. The story centers around one of the sons in the family- Ali.

The plot focuses on Ali trying to get into med school; not because he wants to but because his parents want him to. Sound familiar?

Source: Netflix

Ali has to balance what he wants with making his parents proud, as well as making sure that the family honor is upheld. Oh, I should mention here that Ali’s father is the head cleric of the Muslim community in their city…YIKES!

Source: Netflix

As fate would have it, Ali does the most ‘brown guy’ thing; he falls in love. This love sort of makes things spirals out of control for Ali. This love, as well as the pressure to not let his family down make Ali spin a pretty crazy web of lies; lies that catch up with him eventually.

Source: Netflix

The story encapsulates what it’s like to be brown and Muslim in a country you’ve immigrated to. It depicts what it means to walk with the culture you’re born in and the culture you live in; they sometimes seem like polar opposites and the pull from either side can seemingly drive someone mad, but it isn’t totally impossible.

Source: Netflix

People have taken to Twitter to express how much they love this movie. 

Clearly, the relatability is through the charts 

Some people smelled something suspicious, or maybe something promising 

Oooh, that’s a tough choice! Dono dekh lo 

There was some shade thrown at ‘The Big Sick’

~Shade continues~

Baar baar dekho, hazaar baat dekho

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