Poet Ali Zafar Strikes Again, This Time In Mahira Khan's Defense

By Momina Mindeel | 22 Sep, 2017

Ali Zafar has been one of Pakistan’s music sweethearts for more than a decade now. Most of us have literally grown up listening to Channo and Jugnuon Se Bhar De Aanchal (the latter would tear you up more times than you’d like to acknowledge).


Ali himself has never been afraid to show his emotions, whether on screen or off screen

Source: Zee Entertainment Enterprises


Apart from being a singer, painter and what not, Ali writes some heart-felt poetry too; some of which he has already shared on his Instagram too

"Afterglow". To be written on the mentioned date.

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A few days back, he shared some a lovely letter for the team of his upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Teefa In Trouble’. The letter was laced with some heartfelt nostalgia.

He reminisced about the 70 days he had spent with the team, talked about life, relationships, friends etc.


Today Ali Zafar shared yet another poem, this time in Mahira Khan’s support who’s been under severe public glare after photos of her and Ranbir Kapoor were circulated


Ali Zafar wrote about our inability to show compassion for women and their choices, our lack of apathy and sensibility

He then went on to emphasize on the importance of respecting women’s choices. He further explains how our reactions to a certain situations define who we and that’s why we got to choose wisely our words.

Source: xcitefun.net

Ali also sheds some light on our  tendency to quickly judge people and gossip instead of actually making an effort to show some compassion for other people and their choices.


People on Twitter generally praised Ali Zafar an his heartfelt words

Many thanked him for talking sense amidst all the chaos

And for making the whole thing easier and simpler to understand


Ali Zafar aka versatility personified, we love you. Please keep these deep words coming.

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