Ali Xeeshan Made A Powerful Statement About Child Marriage In His Fashion Show Last Night And It Was Spectacular

By Sarah Babar | 11 Dec, 2017

Ali Xeeshan is a designer who is known for his quirks. Whether these are about his personal style or his flamboyant shows on the ramp, he’s usually the talk of the e-town after his shows.



He has always gone out of his way to put up a great show

So whether it was ‘Khamoshi’, another collection that spoke out against underage marriages



Or his set for the L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week

That had larger than life portraits of the models walking behind them


And especially last night, when he drew attention to child marriages


Ali paired up with the UNWomen and spoke out against child brides with his showstopper


The little girl dressed in a gota embellished uniform and bridal jewelry was part of the campaign ‘The Bridal Uniform’

The campaign spoke about how little girls deserve uniforms and not bridal dresses.


She turned a lot of heads as soon as she stepped onto the ramp, with hearts sinking all over the place


All of a sudden, the phenomenon that we’d all heard of was right in front of us, and was more than a reality check.


People were overwhelmed with the collection, as well

Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


There were those who were applauding the concept

Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


And there were some who were disappointed over the fact that the people who need to be educated about this issue will not be watching the show

Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


Ali Xeeshan was heavily appreciated

Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


And there were those in awe of the show

Source: @Metronomee / Facebook


Finally, this: it is a very strong message

Source: @Metronomee / Facebook

One that shouldn’t be taken lightly or brushed under the carpet anymore. It is a highly important issue that needs to be addressed more and more on even bigger platforms.


What did you think of Ali Xeeshan’s show from last night? Let us know in the comments below.

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