Ali Xeeshan's Spectacular Fashion Show From Last Night Will Make You Want To Get Married RIGHT NOW

By Sarah Babar | 15 Oct, 2017

Ali Xeeshan is a designer who’s known for his drama and flamboyance. What he’s also known for his eccentricity, his quirky style, and his absolutely gorgeous clothes. He’s blown us away with his clothes fashion week after fashion week, and he’s always put on a grand spectacle! His personal style has people talking about him for days on end. And the best part? Ali reaalllyy doesn’t care about what other people say. He does what he wants to and does it with perfection.


Ali’s personal style has always been the talk of every event…so whether it was roosters



Or his robes



Orrr… his Kung Fu Panda-esque hat



Ali Xeeshan has always presented a certain kind of drama and story on the ramp

We saw a whole different style of fashion in his collection called ‘Khamoshi,’ at the Pakistan Fashion and Design Council 2017


The collection came with little monkeys that were a part of the bridal set and added a flair to the whole show


Or his ethereal photoshoots

The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you. RUMI

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Where he takes our love for fashion to a whole new level


As of last night, Ali Xeeshan has outdone himself once again

Amna babar walking the ramp for #alixeeshan at #plbw2017 Captured by : @coalescence_official

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The collection that he presented at the L’Oreal Bridal Week, last night, was one of it’s kind


For starters, we saw the how stoppers coming out first with absolutely gorgeous oil paintings as their individual backdrops…it sounds confusing but OMG look at this


And this


The videography maestro Abdullah Haris himself walked for Ali and was every bit as magnificent as his work

This was Abdullah’s runway debut and with that face, we hope he never stops making appearances in front of the camera, for a change


The extremely handsome Hasnain Lehri and the beautiful Noor Bhatti walked towards us and we were just a little out of breath

These oil paintings were an actual work of art, with the finesse and the intricacy with which they were made


The rest of the show was absolutely gorgeous, as well, with all the drama that is promised to us with an Ali Xeeshan show

Ali Xeeshan is also the Ambassador for Fashion, collaborating with L’Oreal.


Mehreen Syed led the gorgeous men and women under their eccentric umbrellas, representing moonlight

@alixeeshantheaterstudio at it again at the #PLBW17 #Beautymeetsfashion #AliXeeshan #TheOrangeWall #HappeningNow

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Which ended up looking more theatrical than anything we’ve seen before


Even the accessories that the women were carrying were one of their kind

Would you wear these bejewelled spectacles by #AliXeeshan? ? #PLBW17

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Like these absolutely gorgeous bejeweled spectacles


All in all, it was the perfect end to the first day of the Bridal Week and Ali Xeeshan’s collection completely stole the show!

He does it again!!! ? his presence is positive energy! @alixeeshantheaterstudio

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Ali himself seemed to be having a riot with the show, there’s a reason why his studio is called a Theater Studio


And we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the weekend! What did you think of Ali Xeeshan’s crazy presentation?

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