Ali Sethi & Ali Hamza Singing Shaadi Songs Will Make You Want To Book Them For Your Mehndi

By Sarah Babar | 20 Sep, 2017

We all know the Tinak Dhin boys that made us go ga ga over their song in the latest Coke Studio season.


They showed us a completely different version of themselves singing Tinak Dhin¬†and we’re not complaining one bit.

Source: Coke Studio


And another video surfaced yesterday that literally made us giddy with joy


Two out of three of the boys who gave us our mehndi jam for the summer took it upon themselves to completely put us in shaadi feels

Source: Patari

And it just looks like so much fun


The men sang all our shaadi favourites like Kala Shah Kala

Source: Patari

Uhhh, if you claim you don’t know this song, you’re lying.


And Achey Banney Mehndi Lawan De

Source: Patari

Perfect for¬†dholkis, mehndis¬†and mayuns.¬†Basically, anything to do with a¬†shaadi,¬†this song’s got you


Of course, if you talk about shaadi songs, you have to talk about Balle Balle

Source: Patari

The ultimate shaadi song to get all the uncles and aunties onto the dancefloor. All the DJ wale babu has to do is play a little balle balle ni tor Punjaban di


And the evergreen crowd puller, Luddi Hai Jamalo

Source: Patari

If you’re still sitting when this song comes on, then sorry to say, you have no soul


The video, made by Patari, will either make you want to get married immediately, or definitely, go crash a shaadi

Source: Patari


The men didn’t get any time to prepare these songs or compose them differently

Source: Patari

It was all improvising the music, and what great improvisation it was!


And it wasn’t just us who loved the mini-dream concert, by two of our favourite men in the music industry


Yes it is, sir, yes it is


We’re also crying…




Get in line…


Here’s the whole video for you to enjoy and shake a leg to

We wonder if they’ll come to our shaadi…anyway, how much did you like this video? Tell us in the comments below.

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