Everyone Can Go Home Because Ali Rehman Khan Literally Stole The Show, Last Night

By Sarah Babar | 2 Apr, 2018

Last night was the final night for the Pakistan International Film Festival, also known as the PIFF. People were given awards for their achievements in Lollywood. And there was a Bollywood presence there, too. These names included the ace director, Vishal Bhardwaj, one of the finest actors in Bollywood, Vinay Patak, and the beautiful, beautiful Nandita Das.


The event was also full of our own Pakistani celebrities who shown brighter than any star, that night

Source: @nichelifestyle / Instagram



Look at these beauties posing together

Source: @graziepakistan / Instagram



And these two utter cuties looking cute

Source: @galaxylollywood / Instagram



And this dapper man looking dapper

Source: @hellopakistan / Instagram



While there were other celebrities present, there was one other thing that stood out

Source: reactiongifs.com via giphy.com



Just how good this man right here looked during the event

Source: @alirehmankhan / Instagram



Not that he doesn’t look good here, either

Source: @alirehmankhan / Instagram



Or here, but he was a special kind of good looking at the event

Source: @alirehmankhan / Instagram



Whether it was on his way to the event with his gorgeous best friend, Hareem

Source: @alreempatakhas / Instagram



Or just casually posing at the hotel

Source: @being_pakistaniii / Instagram


Even when he was on stage, we couldn’t take our eyes off of him

Source: @get.magnified / Instagram



Or with the non DSLR pictures, the man rendered us all a little breathless with just how good he looked

Source: @alreempatakhas / Instagram



Here, look at him from another angle

Source: @galaxylollywood / Instagram



Ali Rehman received an award for his debut performance in the internationally and nationally hit “Janaan”

Source: @alirehmankhan / Instagram



He met with the Bollywood actor Vinay Patak, but it took us a second to realize that there was someone else in the picture, too

Source: @alirehmankhan / Instagram



He also met with the legend, Abida Parveen

Source: @alirehmankhan / Instagram



He’s probably looking at his own pictures, too

Source: @buzzsays / Instagram



It wasn’t only just the award show itself, Ali Rehman stole the show at the after party, too

Source: @nomiansariofficial / Instagram



We mean…just look…

Source: @hareembigfan / Instagram



Sooo, what do you think of Ali Rehman looking flyyy at the PIFF? Let us know in the comments below. Okay byeee ~



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