13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ali Hamza From Noori, But Totally Should

By Sarah Babar | 8 Mar, 2017

Ali Hamza’s is a face that a lot of people associate with their teenage. Growing up and listening to Noori, holding fake concerts with your bed as stage and hairbrush as microphones, everyone has rocked out to their music.

I first saw Ali Hamza being his absolute adorable self in Gaana No 1 and as a 10 year old, I was jumping up and down being super excited because at that point I had the exact same hair.

Source: nooriworld

We’ve seen Ali rock it out in Suno Ke Mein Houn Jawan, we’ve had him melt our hearts with Madinay Mein, and we’ve all swung to him singing in Coke Studio, but there is so much more to him than meets the eye. Here’s a list of things you should know about Ali because

a) He’s one of the few COMPLETE rock stars that we have, and

b) He ain’t going nowhere


1. Ali Hamza picked up the guitar for the first time at the age of 10

Can you imagine how adorable he would have been with a guitar bigger than him? And can you imagine that that was the moment one of the biggest rock stars of the country was born.

Source: nooriworld


2. Ali was a championship golfer

Who would have expected one of the craziest guys in the country to be into a sport as mellow as golf? But he is, and he was kickass at it!


3. Noori is named, not after Ali Hamza’s brother, but, on their mother

Noori is a Persian word that means ‘light’, and while everyone believes that the band was named after Ali Noor, himself, it comes from their mother: Zehra Noor

Source: Youlin


4. Ali holds an economics degree from LUMS

Yep, he’s the whole package: beauty with brains.

Source: Ali Hamza / Facebook


5. He’s a total foodie and has a massive sweet tooth

Anyone who has ever been in close proximity to the Ali brothers will know that they’re big, and I mean big on food. You can find them binging on desi food at any time of the night. And it’s okay, because seeing them perform, you know they’re burning off the calories.


6. He hates fake people

Ali Hamza is all of us.


7. He LOVES kids

Ali Hamza is currently working with the Karachi Down Syndrome Program, and will be performing for them at a carnival on his birthday! Also, look at his son singing Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan *cue ovary explosion*

8. He says he’s a total sufi at heart

If you can’t gauge Ali Hamza’s depth from the songs he’s written, then bro, do you even like him? :O


9. Ali Hamza has a weird thing for carpets and shawls

He likes collecting them from the places he visits, and that’s not a bad habit to have at all. 


10. He’s an undeniably good looking man

But you knew that, already


11. Do Dil was the first song he wrote

The song that came out in 2008 was actually the first song Ali ever wrote and it became a mini-anthem for everyone who’s ever loved or is in love.


12. He gets terribly anxious about missing flights so he’ll stay up all night before a flight

He’s like most of us. Especially me, when I’m standing there at the check-in counter begging them to let me on the plane.


13. Oh, and he’s also starting his own career, parallel to Noori

He’s recently started a solo career, while giving all his time to Noori, as well. He performed his new songs in London, first, and has recently toured Karachi, debuting his solo music with Sanwal and it’s beyond beautiful! Here’s a peak at it:


Cover image via: siddysays.com

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