This Is What Ali Haider Gilani Did In His First Week As A Free Man

By Haadia Paracha | 19 May, 2016

Ali Haider Gilani, son of ex-premier Yousuf Raza Gilani was recovered in a joint operation carried out by Afghan and U.S. security forces in Afghanistan on May 10, 2016. The day also consequently marked the exact third year anniversary of his abduction.

Here is how the past week looked like in the life of the man recently freed from captivity:


1.Ali Haider Gilani got escorted back home by his brother


Via: Twitter


2. He was greeted with cheers, chants and cameras flashing

Source: Daily Mail



3. He expressed his immense gratitude for getting back to “normal life”


4. Got reunited with mama bear

Via: Twitter

*Emotions overflowing*

5. And there was a much awaited family reunion

Ali Haider Gilani Family photo
Via: Twitter


6. There were lots of pappis and jhappis


7. Ali Haider met his friend Shahbaz Taseer, also recovered from captivity weeks before he was

Ali Haider Gilani Shahbaz Taseer
Via: Twitter


7. And went out on a date night with their respective biwis


Ali Haider Gilani Wife Shahbaz Taseer Wife
Via: Twitter


8. Ali Haider got offered to be turned into a Steven Spielberg movie

Steven Spielberg Ali Haider Gilani
Source: Channel 24



9. His return caused Hyderabad to be LIT with FIREWORKS.


10. Someone catfished him on Twitter for 30 seconds of fame



11. He met up with Bilawal Zardari, too.


Ali Haider Gilani Bilawal Zardari
Via: Twitter

All smiles


12. He also celebrated his sister’s birthday in style with the whole Gilani family


Yousaf Raza Gilani family
Via: Twitter


14. Took this photo where papa dearest looked so lovingly at his children


Yousaf Raza Gilani children
Via: Twitter


13. It was also revealed that Ali Haider is now writing a book to detail his ordeal

Ali Haider Gilani
Source: cmgdigital


He previously worked on a manuscript of a book in captivity but it was burnt by his captors.


Ali Haider Gilani’s message to the world, that he shared before captivity rings true even today:



Welcome back Ali Haider, we’re glad you’re back home.

Cover Image via: Dawn

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