Aisha Khan’s Selfie Game Is SO Strong And Here Is Totally Real Proof Of It

By Sarah Babar | 26 Apr, 2018

Aisha Khan, as we all know, is one of the most recognized faces of the industry. While she may have left acting behind, and gotten V E R Y happily married, she has still left a legacy of being on of the best takers of selfies we have


Whether it is cozying it up with Kubra Khan

Source: @aisharaoofficial / Instagram


Or looking f-f-f-fly with BFF Hamza Ali Abbasi

Source: @aisharaoofficial / Instagram


Hanging out with BFF pt.2 Gohar Rasheed

Source: @aisharaoofficial / Instagram


Or making every single girl on the planet jealous with her selfie with Ranbir Kapoor

Source: @aisharaoofficial / Instagram


And the gorgeous gorgeous Maya Ali

Source: @aisharaoofficial / Instagram


The super famous Urwa Hocane

Source: @aisharaoofficial / Instagram


We also ‘found’ some of her selfies that made her part of the most iconic moments of history, like this one with The Beatles


And one with the former President of The United States Of America, Barack Obama


She also made it to capturing a moment with the very cuddly and even more controversial Nawaz Sharif


She got a glimpse of the man and the dog creating such controversy on the Internet, Imran Khan and his doggo


She was there when Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom welcomed their little bundle of joy to the world


And also when Ali Gul Pir recreated some of the most iconic pictures, in his own hilarious way


We saw her backstage with the cast of the super hit show “Yakeen Ka Safar”


And with the newlyweds, Feroze Khan and Alizay Feroze Khan


She was the first to know about the Mirza-Malik baby even before Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza made the announcement


She was an active part of the groundbreaking Aurat March that took place a little while earlier


And she was a big part of the behind the scenes selfies of the upcoming film “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”


Keeping up with the tradition of breaking news, Aisha also made it to the time when Prince William and Kate Middleton came out of Ludo Wing with Royal Baby number 3



If it wasn’t obvious enough, this was a joke. Take it lightly, please. Love you guys. Okay byeee ~


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