Aisha Khan's Husband Dancing To “Aicha” For Her Is THE Cutest Thing You'll See

By Sarah Babar | 15 Apr, 2018

There’s quite a lot that has happened at Aisha Khan’s shaadi events, so far. While we initially thought that all we would see from the low key affair would be a few pictures and maybe a few videos, too, we got a little more


While it was Aisha looking like a total stunner at the mayun

Source: @millionairestyling / Instagram



The mehndi

Source: / Instagram



At her nikkah

Source: @dawn_images / Instagram



And then at her baraat

Source: @aisharaowedding / Instagram



We also saw her BFFFFFFs bringing her in at the mehndi 

Yes it’s adorable, and we all wish we were there, too, so y’all are not alone



Or the lovely couple dancing to “Despacito”



We saw one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a while

Source: @impeccabletablemanners via


Major Uqbah (more on him later) possibly had the sweetest dance prepared for his gorgeous wife

Source: via



YEPPP he danced to “Aicha” for Aisha

If that isn’t the cutest thing ever then we don’t know what is. We especially love the play on words that Major Uqbah picked on for his lady love!



We also saw some stunning pictures of the couple from last night and were left completely breathless

Source: @therealshowsha / Instagram



What we absolutely love is that she broke out of the typical laal jora statement that brides usually make at their baraats

Source: @mmff / Facebook



And she was dressed in refreshing peachy pink gown

Source: @mahira_khann / Instagram



We also saw her dashing best friends looking their evening bests

Source: @thefashiondevotion / Instagram

The boys really looked their best mA mA mA


While we can’t wait to see what the Walima has in store for us, we wish Aisha Khan and Major Uqbah all the very best for their future and all the happiness for their lives together!



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