Emirates Flew Me To Dubai And Now I Realize Why Every Pakistani Wants To Work There

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Apr, 2017

Flying is a fascination for many people. It also scares many. But statistically, flying has to be the safest form of travelling, and also one of the more heavier ones on the pocket. Imagine doing all that flying and being paid to do it all! This is exactly what working at an airline helps you achieve, and so much more.

So we were taken on a trip to Dubai courtesy of Emirates, we visited the Emirates Group Headquarters there and met some really nice folks working at the airline company and here’s what they told us about what life’s like working for an airline:


1. You can work from any corner of the world

Source: emirates.com

With offices in over 150 cities around the world, and positions of all sorts of corporate, customer service and engineering departments needed, an employee has the chance to apply internally for positions all over the world.


2. You get to meet so many new people

Source: Sarmad Amer

Emirates has employees from all corners of the world, you meet so many people who speak so many different languages and come from so many cultures.


3. The office is SO COOL

Source: Sarmad Amer

Especially if you’re working at Emirates, the Emirates Group Headquarters in Dubai has got to be the coolest workplace possible. It has a mall-like atrium floor with shops, restaurants etc. right in the middle of the office! And the Emirates airplane hangar plus Dubai Airport’s runway is right around the corner.


4. Did we tell you, you can travel the whole darn world?

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Emirates employees get to travel anywhere around the world that Emirates flies to, for free. Yes, muft, muft, muft!


5. The work is extremely flexible

Source: airlinereporter.com

With various different departments, levels of work and flexibility in terms of time management, employees at airlines, especially if the airline happens to be Emirates, get the freedom of working at your flexibility.


6. The aviation industry is very happening so you never get bored

Wouldn't mind going to work with that view ?

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Plus there are always opportunities to apply for new positions internally in case you want a new challenge or career goal.



Source: theluxeinsider.com


8. The job is extremely secure

Source: exebit.org

Emirates employees, of Pakistani origin, told us that the job at Emirates is so secure that many employees have been working there for more than 20 years. Yup, bees saal se chipkay hue hain, itnay khush hain apni nokri se.


9. You won’t ever feel stuck in your career

Source: flygosh.com

With all the traveling, meeting new people and flexibility who would get bored?


10. Also, traveling yaar



11. At the end of the day, you’ll get recognized for the work you’re doing by more than just promotions and pay increase

Source: emirates.com

Specific to Emirates, there’s a Najm program which recognizes employees all across the company, at any level, for exceptional work they may have done that year, beyond the scope of their work. Think of it is a Nobel Prize award for good work within the company. Employees who’ve saved lives on flights, helped prevent possible adversities or have achieved an unprecedented milestone are the type of people who get recognized.


12. You get to learn so much about the different cultures of the world

Source: alowaisnet.org

A Pakistani employee working at Emirates for the past 5 years told us how even departments like Corporate Communications and Food & Beverages teach you so much about small things that are unique to other cultures of the world.


13. Lastly, did I remember to tell you about all the free traveling?

I might even want to trade in my job here for an airline, it’s THAT tempting. Would you want to work for an airline? Let us know in the comments down below.

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