Air India Just Lost About A Billion Rupees Because Of Pakistan's Air Space Ban And Ye Toh Lene Ke Dene Par Gaye

By Biya Haq | 20 Mar, 2019

Now that is quite a bit of money.


Following the insanity that became of India and Pakistan after the heightened tension last month, Pakistan made the move to close its Air Space.

Source: Aninews.In

Both India and Pakistan in fact, shut both their air spaces, banning international and domestic planes from flying. India’s airspace was opened a few hours later once the situation had simmered down but Pakistan’s, remained closed. Only recently did we decide to keep the airspace partially open.

However, even the given partial use has resulted in Indian airlines having to cancel and re-route flights to and from all over the world with reports stating around 400 a day. And within that, Air India, the national carrier, being affected the most.

India’s national airline, ‘Air India’ has lost almost one billion (Pakistani rupees) so far because of Pakistan’s current air space ban.

The longer flights have had to be re-routed as to make sure their transit journeys would not be crossing over into Pakistani territory. The airline has been forced to bundle up several international flights and is suffering a loss of about 60 crores (Pakistani rupees) every day. Every DAY.

According to Indian media, it seems as though the airline is doing its level best to save whatever it can, however, it can.

And people all over India are pretty much freaking out.

^ Niiiice.

Many, are blaming Modi for the loss, stating that it was his behaviour at Balakot that led to this situation in the first place.

And honestly, how could they not?

Modi was the one to spark all of this India vs Pakistan bullshit out of the blue when he reacted to an attack that was neither country’s fault. The attack that took place in Pulwama was the result of local Kashmir forces fighting their own fight.

The heightened tensions that came after that can only be described as a dog fight between nations, taking place for absolutely no reason. Of course, our air space is shut!? Isn’t it natural that a country is in the interest of protecting its skies rather than staying vulnerable after a direct attack? And BRO, Pakistan has been losing even MORE money that the Indian airline has.

Following the sir space ban, it has been reported that the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has lost 1 billion rupees on its own.

Source: Dawn

The flight cancellations and re-routes have also cost us about 70 million rupees in losses every day. EVERY. DAY. So yeah, of course, people are pissed the fuck off.

And this too even after a submarine ambush, a fallen Indian Air Force commander AND a $50 MILLION dollar missile launch? AT A BALLOON? You bet your ass our Air India is making a loss. The only blame here lies upon the forces within India that decided aerial attacks was the sounder alternative to actually talking through the issues at hand.

We have and always have had great sympathy for the people in India, for those individuals who have wanted a peaceful co-existence between the two ‘mortal enemies.’ But bro, this is on you.

Have you seen the news on our airspace? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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