Aiman Muneeb Opened Up About Amal's Birth And It's Emotional And Scary

By Anoosha Rehan | 24 Oct, 2020

Aiman Khan – now Aiman Muneeb – and Muneeb Butt are among the few celebrity couples that married young. As much as their wedding festivities were a treat for the fans, the couple got trolled for having a super long wedding and for spending a fortune on the wedding. Ever since then, fans are on the lookout for the activities of the newlyweds.

It is no surprise to mention that fans were able to put together pieces and announced the “good news” through their own investigation. The baby’s photos were allegedly leaked which disappointed the actress and her fans. However, Amal Muneeb, the daughter of the gorgeous couple, is Pakistan’s favorite child.

People keep sending their love and affection to Aiman Muneeb and her daughter every now and then.

Recently, Sajeer Shaikh at MangoBaaz, talked to Aiman and found out why she has been MIA.

Aiman Muneeb recently garnered the highest number of followers on Instagram out of all Pakistani actresses. She said she was overwhelmed and speechless for such love that comes her way and she didn’t know what she did to deserve it. Aiman shared how she has been busy with her daughter, Amal, who is only a year old right now.  The actor also shared how she should not be expected on-screen anytime soon because she needs time off to take care of her daughter.

Source: @mangobaaz / Instagram

For the first time, Aiman Muneeb opened up about the difficult childbirth experience that she had.

Upon asking Aiman how she felt when she first held her daughter Amal, the actor got emotional while sharing her story. The actor mentioned how nobody had ever asked her this question before. Aiman Muneeb shared that the childbirth experience was a scary one. She had a very rough night before her daughter’s birth and was in excruciating pain.

Source: @mangobaaz / Instagram

Aiman had a C-Section delivery and the actor mentioned how petrified she felt when she could not hear the baby cry.

She went on to say that one has always seen in movies and dramas that the normal response for a child is to cry when born. However, when she didn’t hear her daughter cry, Aiman got really terrified and panicked. The surgeon had to console her and calm her down, letting her know that the baby wasn’t yet delivered.

Source: @mangobaaz / Instagram

Aiman revealed that after Amal was born, the mother wasn’t allowed to immediately meet or hold her daughter.

The doctor only touched their cheeks together and took her away. The actor disclosed that the childbirth was an emotional ride for her as it was her first time, and she couldn’t stop crying even after Amal was born.

While speaking to Sajeer, Aiman Muneeb also shared that she was shivering when she first held her daughter, and that it was the best day of her life. She further went on to add that she couldn’t believe how beautiful her daughter was and that she had never experienced such a happy day in her life.

Source: @mangobaaz / Instagram

Aiman also disclosed that she is really caught up with her daughter and that she would never ignore her fans.

The actor shared how recently her fan pages conducted strikes because of her unavailability. Aiman was disheartened that fans would think she was ignoring them. Through the interview, she revealed that she had less to no time for her own family as her motherly duties keep her busy. Hence, fans should not feel that Aiman is intentionally ignoring them.

Lastly, Aiman answered a few questions from her fans and said she’d try her best to make herself more available through some other platforms.

Source: @mangobaaz / Instagram

Aiman Muneeb’s revelation of how Amal was born is terrifying and emotional. While everyone loves her daughter and her role as a mother, it was never known what scary and strenuous processes she had to go through during childbirth. We wish Aiman Khan and her daughter, Amal, a healthy and happy life ahead!

You can watch the whole interview here.

What do you think about her experience? Let us know in the comments below!


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Cover image via @mangobaaz/Instagram and @aimankhan.official/Instagram

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