Aiman Khan Just Threw A Surprise Birthday Party For Muneeb Butt And It’s Giving Us MAJOR Feels

By Iman Zia | 15 Apr, 2018

Aiman Khan is honestly the sweetest little soul. The actress threw her fiancé Muneeb Butt a star-studded birthday party and it was a complete surprise too. The gal’s seriously raising the bar for all fiancées everywhere. From Hania Aamir, Imran Abbas, Zara Noor Abbas to Shahroz Sabzwari, it legit was quite the party!


Here’s the moment birthday boy Muneeb was surprised with his party!


The dapper Shahroz was there, seen here with Minal Khan who looked beautiful!

Source: @shahrozsabzwari/Instagram


Muneeb cut his cake the to a massive uproar, first giving a bite to Aiman before giving a bite to buddy Imran Abbas


Hania Aamir was there too to join in the celebration of the birthday boy’s big day!


These videos are courtesy of our fave Babar Zaheer, aka the go-to and most celebrated makeup artist in the industry!


The low-lit party was the perfect setting, with a group of close friends and famalam gathered to wish the actor a very Happy Birthday


Zara Noor Abbas too was present!

Via Tumblr


Muneeb later took to Instagram to thank Aiman for hosting such a fabulous surprise party

Source: @muneeb_butt/Instagram



Source: Pixar


What did you think of Aiman’s surprise party?


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