Aiman Khan Just Had Her Bridal Shower And She Looked Like An Actual QUEEN

By Arslan Athar | 19 Nov, 2018

Aiman Khan is about to get married to her bae Muneeb Butt and their events are really on brand… in all senses¬†ūüėČ


A few weeks ago Aiman’s¬†shaadi¬†celebrations started with a low key¬†dholki¬†with her close friends and family

Source: @aimankhan.official / Instagram


Then the sisters, along with their mom went to Dubai, out of nowhere, leaving everyone to wonder whether the shaadi was still on or not 

Source: @aimankhan.official / Instagram

They’ve been having dance rehearsals with their colleagues on their insta stories that big stans like us have been following very closely.


Now it seems like the shaadi might finally be upon us as Aiman just had her bridal shower

That dress is freaking R E G A L!!

Source: @herandhemofficial / Instagram


The dress and the set up all look perfect… Fairytale level of pretty

Source: @gt_magazine / Instagram


Minal, the bride’s twin, basically wore the same dress, just in green

Waise, someone needs to tell Minal that it’s not her¬†shaadi. Like, we love you girl but don’t overshadow the bride.¬†A coworker of mine, upon seeing the photo, said “If my sister wore a trail that big on MY bridal shower, I would cut it”.

Source: @gt_magazine / Instagram


You can’t deny, the effect is pretty dramatic

Source: @mahaphotographyofficial / Instagram


I can’t stop saying it but Aiman Khan looks like a legit V I S I O N

Source: @mahaphotographyofficial / Instagram


Also, let’s just get it out there. This sisterly love is too damn cute¬†

Source: @mahaphotographyofficial / Instagram


Everything looks grand and honestly, we’re living for it!


Celebrity friends of Aiman were at the shower too, like Momal Sheikh was in attendance 

Source: @mahaphotographyofficial / Instagram


As was Saboor Aly

Source: @mahaphotographyofficial / Instagram

Hopefully, the sisters don’t fly away again and remain grounded in Pakistan, because heck, we can’t wait any longer for this¬†shaadi¬†to start.

What do you think of Aiman’s look on her bridal shower?


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Cover Photo Courtesy: @mahaphotographyofficial / Instagram

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