11 Quotes From Aiman Khan's Interview That'll Make You Respect THE HELL Outta This Woman

By Iman Zia | 18 Jul, 2018

Aiman Khan’s only 20 and she’s achieved quite a lot within the Pakistani entertainment industry. The actress, along with twin sister Minal is one of the most sought-after actresses we have, and it’s no surprise really. She’s quite the sublime actress, she’s beautiful and holds a very strong screen presence. Aiman has also racked up a whopping million followers on Instagram, and it’s only just the beginning for her. She also recently revealed she’d be marrying l0ngterm beau and fellow actor, Muneeb Butt later on this year!

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Aiman recently did an interview with The Express Tribune and revealed details about her life that honestly will make you go, DAYUMM GIRL! We’ve collected the best quotes that will honestly make you love the actress far, far more.


1. “I think if I look back at my struggles and how things happened for me, I can only be thankful to God that I’ve gotten all of it so early in my life”


2. “When I got engaged, I didn’t feel any different. I truly believe I’m much more matured for my age, with the kind of experiences I’ve had”

Source: @aimankhan.official/Instagram


3. “…It’s been very different with us (Aiman and Minal). I never know what to say when people come up to me while I’m, say shopping at the mall or have gone out for dinner”


4. “I met Muneeb when I was 17”

Source: @aimankhan.official/Instagram


5. “Not a lot of people accept (the heroine status) when they’re used to seeing you a certain way and you yourself are so young”


6. “I truly believe age is just a number because I’ve never really felt naive”

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7. My sister and I started working and earning when we were very young, and that, of course, gives you certain independence”


8.”Minal and I started out as child-artists when we were eight years old. We did commercials, and then we did drama serials after that and then, the transition to the ‘heroine’ just happened”

Source: @aimankhan.official/Instagram


9. “I chose Muneeb because I didn’t want to have any scandals or link ups around me…(Muneeb) is wonderful, I’m very happy (with him)”


10. “When you’re required to work all day, in small houses, without ACs, you stay closer to reality. And of course, you groom yourself; you know your tone, and what to say when and how”


11. “Once you become an actor, I feel like you also become very patient. You’re able to understand more. We work and interact with all sorts of people when we step out of our houses and so, I think you get to know yourself a lot better”

Source: @aimankhan.official/Instagram




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