What The Heck Is Happening With Aima Baig And The Viral Paint Wala's Collaboration

By Arslan Athar | 8 Aug, 2018

So first there was the rumor that Aima Baig would be performing with the viral ‘Paint Wala’ singer, Muhammad Arif. While covering the rumor, we at MangoBaaz, had gotten in touch with Aima’s team to confirm or deny the news. At that time their response was that they hadn’t decided on the collaboration.

Last night the singer put up a video on social media and it seems things have changed for Team Aima. 

In the video, Aima begins by talking about how the entire day had been about tackling the rumor. She, at the time, didn’t know who this viral star was, so decided to give his video a listen. According to her, she fell in love with his vocals and felt compelled to help him out.

In her message, she says that we need to help and promote our own talent at all times. She chose to use the platform available to her to help Arif’s talent grow. Muhammad Arif will be opening for Aima during one of her Independence Day shows.

Other than this, Aima has arranged to have Arif go through an entire makeover, with the famous Nabila salon and designer, Munib Nawaz helping out in the process.

Now till last night, Aima’s video was up on her Instagram account. This morning, lo and behold, the video is gone. NOT TO WORRY, this is the age of the internet, tou video kaafi share hogaya hai. Here’s her full message

People were really pleased with the singer for this initiative

They gave her royal titles 

And it wasn’t the first time this happened either.

Via Instagram

People were generally happy to see someone in the industry behave this way 

Via Instagram

Of course, rewards were talked about 

Via Instagram

Some took the opportunity to get themselves promoted

Via Instagram

Prayers were made for his success 

Via Instagram

Some absolutely did NOT see this announcement from Aima coming 

Via Instagram

Kuch log ko kuch aur hi dekh rahay thay

Via Instagram

All in all, there was loads of love for Aima and her actions 

Via Instagram

Honestly, people notice such precise things

Via Instagram

What do you think of Aima’s decision? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Here’s What Aima Baig Has To Say About The Rumor That She’s Performing With The Viral ‘Paint Wala’ Singer

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