APS Hero Ahmad Nawaz Turned 18 Today And Everyone Is Celebrating With Him

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Jan, 2019

People are celebrating how far he has come since the APS tragedy. 

December 16, 2014, is considered to be one of the saddest days in the history of Pakistan. The day when 6 terrorists entered a school and killed over 140 people, most of whom were children. The survivors of the tragedy were shaken. The entire country mourned the loss for days. Major source of inspiration, however, were the children who survived the attack. After losing their friends and teachers, a lot of the children showed how brave they were by speaking out against extremism. Ahmad Nawaz is one of them.

Ahmad was 13 at the time of the APS attack.

Source: infokhyberpakhtunkhwa.gov.pk


After the attack, Ahmad was not only vocal about his friends and the loss but went a step ahead by launching a campaign to challenge extremism.

Source: phclondon.org


All the while, maintaining a spectacular academic record since his aim is to get into Oxford University.


He has been lauded for his unwavering spirit time and again


Today, the APS hero turned 18 and thanked everyone for always cheering him on.

Birthday wishes started pouring in from all over the world. 

And they were so heart-warming 

Another survivor of adverse circumstances at the hands of extremists, Shahbaz Taseer also wished Ahmad.

A lot of the wishes were full of duaein for Ahmad’s future.


While acknowledging his strength to push past such a traumatic experience 

It is truly heartwarming to see Ahmad doing well on his birthday. The APS tragedy was truly traumatizing and the fact that he not only survived it but is now thriving is a source of inspiration for us all.

As for Ahmad, we know he will go far in life and wish him a very happy birthday from everyone at MangoBaaz!

Source: @nora_makes via Giphy.com

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Cover Image Source: @ahmadnawazaps via Twitter.com

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