Sajal And Ahad Asking Fans To Vote For Each Other Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

By Sarah Babar | 16 Jan, 2018

The LUX Style Awards are just around the corner. And the nominations are out. While we have a few MAJOR reservations with the nominations, some of our favorites have also been nominated. Two of those are Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali for their groundbreaking drama 


While ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ wasn’t nominated for Best Drama (wtf?) the main leads were, in their respective categories

Ahad Raza Mir bagged a nomination for Best TV Actor

Source: Folder


And Sajal got one for Best TV Actress



There were memes erupting all over the Internet, petitions going across for ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ to be added to the Best TV Play

Source: @Yi_2529 / Twitter


However, we noticed the cutest thing going on, on the Internet between Ahad and Sajal


SaHadians, unite!


While Ahad was asking people to vote for Sajal


He posted about it on Twitter, as well


Sajal also jumped in and started campaigning for Ahad


There were some who were sad because Ahad wasn’t campaigning for Kubra

Source: @ahadrazamir / Instagram


People were going all-out in support of the two

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


There were those who had already voted for their favorites

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


And spoke about the two deserving to win

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


There was no other competitor for some people

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


They actually were outstanding

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


People couldn’t get over Ahad’s gesture

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


There were those who were confused about how to actually cast their vote

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


People were leaving no holds barred to ensure their favorite stars won

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


#SaHad was having an absolute ball

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


Ahad and Sajal appeared to have made some people’s year

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


There was endless praise for his character Dr Asfi in ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


And of course, people were rightly asking the two to always value their fans and the appreciation they were getting the most

Source: @ahadrazamir / Twitter


What do you think of this absolutely adorable exchange between Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali?


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