Ahad Just Threw Shade At Corruption In The Industry And We Are Here For It

By Iman Zia | 22 Jan, 2018

A thriving entertainment industry always tantamounts to an equal amount of discord under the blankets; however, masked it might be – look at the Harvey Weinstein revelation; it’s grasped the entire world, bringing forth a new age of questioning a male’s vocation in Hollywood as a plethora of sexual harassment cases sprinkling across the fraternity. And the appalling thing about it all? It happened in Hollywood; the catastrophic domino effect is impaling through Filmdom sheets that had been kept so intact for years to come.


The ubiquitous influence of corruption is evident in our own industry to an extent too, something actor Ahad highlights in an interview with BBC Urdu

Having lived in Canada most of his life, Ahad admitted to the difficulties of adapting to life back in the motherland, expressing his discontent over the surmounting disarray in the Pakistani entertainment industry; “…the adjustments I had to make were the way people worked and their punctuality here.”

Source: Hum Network Limited


Ahad recently moved back to pursue his acting, and admitted to having it easy, what with the star power his father, esteemed actor Asif Raza Mir holds

Nepotism crafted Ahad’s career, and his father did brush off that star value – something Ahad does not deny, however he doesn’t want any association with it and stated his wish to prove himself separately.

Source: Hum Network Limited


The actor divulged the pressing issue within the Pakistani industry, that talent is never first and foremost appreciated

Ahad stated the sad state of affairs, “here you need to have connections, your looks matter, how many followers you have etc. Talent, I feel, comes right at the end and sadly I feel Pakistan has more celebrities and less actors.”

Source: Hum Network Limited


While Ahad is most loved with Sajal on-screen, he stresses how he would love to work with other veterans,

The actor also emphasised how an artist should venture into all mediums within the industry.

Source: Hum Network Limited


*mic drop*

Source: Universal Studios


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