After NESCAFÉ Basement's Aadat Cover, Pakistanis Are Dying For An Atif-Goher Reunion

By MangoBaaz Studio | 20 Mar, 2019

Ah – NESCAFÉ basement, the music platform that is becoming popular by the day, giving a fresh twist on everything they release. And they’ve struck once again with a new rendition that’s making us all extremely nostalgic.

Producer Xulfi with his insane grip on music has released an amazing (to say the least) cover of the unofficial “pop anthem” – Aadat.


The 2003 hit, written by Goher Mumtaz and sung by Atif Aslam literally changed the meaning of pop in Pakistan. For good.

And guess who was there? Yep, the one and only Gohar.

Wow, what a song!


I think it’s safe to say – everyone’s going crazy for it.


The nostalgia is real


A lot of people couldn’t help but swoon over the soothing instrumental:


Some people were reminded of the good ol’ days

(Aadat is 15 years old, btw)

But of course, no one can forget Atif Aslam and are calling for a reunion. 


The 2003 hit was a team effort, but it all changed when Atif left their band Jal.

In a recent interview with Samina Peerzada, Gohar actually shared why the break-up of the legendary duo happened, saying, “I and Atif were pretty young at that time. It was too early for us. and we were kids at that time. Whatever happened, should not have happened”. No bad blood it seems!

For all the people who are PINING for the reunion, we’ve made a petition:

YES, we are just THAT invested in this LOOOOL.

Let’s get a few thousand signatures on this petition so that we can make a strong case to the powers that be and motivate them to make this happen for those of us who grew up singing along to Aadat.

This post has been sponsored by NESCAFÉ Basement 

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