Salmaan Taseer’s Children Honored Their Late Father With Powerful Words After The Aasia Bibi Case Verdict

By Aam Nawab | 31 Oct, 2018

Though today is an absolutely important day for Aasia and her family, the second that the death penalty ruling was overturned, the lives of two other individuals were deeply affected as well.

Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti were two people who stood up for the rights of Aasia Bibi and unfortunately, paid the ultimate price in pursuit of her justice.

Source: WordPress/Missione Shahbaz Bhatti

When Aasia was pardoned for the accusations held against her, that fight for justice and advocacy the two of them worked so hard for was finally attained.

Unfortunately, before they could see the day that their efforts came to fruition, both of them were killed. Taseer, at the hands of his bodyguard and Bhatti, in an orchestrated assassination.

Now that Aasia has been pardoned to walk free, many are taking the time to honour and remember both of them during this time.

The family of Salmaan Taseer specifically has been speaking up in light of the events and it is truly an emotional time.

Shahbaz Taseer, the son of the late Governor, tweeted an image with the caption “Never tell me the odds.”

Seeing everything he went through himself in the past couple of years, a stronger statement could not have been made by him.

Sherbano Taseer, the daughter of Governor Taseer, wrote a lengthy Facebook post, outlining the emotions she felt as soon as the judgment was announced.

Source: Shehrbano Taseer Via Facebook

And though she honoured her late father and Shahbaz Bhatti, she also touched on the importance of a move like this and how lucky we are to have people like Justice Khosa and Saif ul Malook to keep our country honest and resilient against corruption in the future.

Shehryar Taseer has not yet said anything in regards to his father and the court ruling, however, he has shared certain messages in the past that have shown his relationship to his father.

Losing a parent is a pain like no other and the fact that these kids lost their father to a cause that would later on possibly shape the nation’s path in regards to blasphemy laws as well as the justice system must be an incredibly emotional ride.

Hopefully, in the future, families will not have to suffer the way the Taseer’s have as well as Shahbaz Bhatti’s family have. Justice will come at the cost of a fight, not a death.

What do you think of the Aasia Bibi court ruling? Let us know in the comments below.

People Are Honoring Salmaan Taseer After Today’s Decision In Asia Bibi’s Case

My Faith In Pakistan Is Shaking, Thanks To Asia Bibi

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