Affordable Makeup Artists In Pakistan That Won't Cost You An Arm And A Leg

By Malaika Tahir | 30 Nov, 2016

Shaadi season is here and we know how stressing it is for the brides out there who want to look their best on their special day. If you’re on a hunt for someone to doll you up for your wedding without asking for a kidney in return, here are a few budding makeup artists (not in any order) that will use their magic wand and turn you into stunning brides in extremely economical prices:


Makeup by Amna Farhad, Karachi

Source: Makeup by Amna Farhad/

Engagement Makeup:

10,000 PKR (includes makeup+hairdo+nail-color+dupatta setting)

Mehndi/Mayun Makeup:

10,000 PKR (includes makeup+hairdo+nailcolor+dupatta setting) 

Bridal Makeup:

18,000 PKR (includes makeup+hairdo+nailcolor+dupatta setting) 


Aasaniyan Makeup Studio, Karachi

Source: Aasaniyan Makeup Studio/

Nikkah Makeup:

15000 PKR (Includes Hairdo+Dupatta Setting+Huda Beauty Lashes

Valima Package:

18000 PKR (Includes Hairdo+hair extensions if required+huda beauty lashes+dupatta setting+1 complimentary party makeup)

Bridal package:

20,000 PKR (Hairdo, hair extensions if required, Huda beauty lashes+dupatta setting+1 complimentary party makeup)


Kiran Khan – Makeup & Hair, Karachi

Source:vKiran Khan – Makeup & Hair/

Mehndi/Mayun Makeup:

10,000 PKR

Nikkah/Engagement Makeup:

14,500 PKR

Bridal/Valima Makeup:

24000 PKR

(All bridals include skin prep, hair, nails, jewelry and dupatta setting and complimentary DSLR shots of the bride taken at the studio)


Makeup by Qirat Babar

Source: makeup by QB/
Source: makeup by QB/

Bridal package:

19000 PKR


Gulali K Afridi – Hair & Makeup, Karachi

Source: Gulali K Afridi - Hair & Makeup/
Source: Gulali K Afridi – Hair & Makeup/


7500 PKR


8500 PKR


11000 PKR


12,000 PKR

Ammara M, Lahore

Source: ammaram/
Source: ammaram/


8000 PKR 

Naimal H., Karachi

Source: naimal h./

Engagement makeup:

9500 PKR

Bridal Makeup:

16,000 PKR

(includes dupatta and jewelry setting)


Arisha Anwar – Nothing to Conceal, Islamabad 

Source: Arisha Anwar – Nothing to Conceal/


7000 PKR (Includes Hair+Dupatta and Jewelry setting)

Bridal Makeup:

14000 PKR (hair+dupatta and jewelry setting)

Dolled Up by Hira Khan, Lahore

Source: Dolled Up By Hira Khan/
Source: Dolled Up By Hira Khan/

The Classic Bridal Look:

23000 PKR

(Dupatta setting+nail color+hair and jewelry) 

Soft Sunset Bridal Look:

23000 PKR

(Dupatta and jewelry setting+nail color+hair) 

Mehendi Bridal Makeup”

9,000 PKR (Dupatta setting, hair and jewelry setting)

Nikkah or Engagement Makeup:

12,500 PKR

(hair dupatta and jewelry setting included)


Zara Gul Make-up Studio, Lahore

Source: Zara Gul Makeup Studio/
Source: Zara Gul Makeup Studio/

Engagement Makeup:

15000 PKR (hairstyling and dupatta setting)


Samira Umer Bridal Salon, Lahore

Source: Samira Umer Bridal Salon/

Senior Artist Engagement Makeup:

15000 PKR


Palwasha – Makeup Studio, Lahore

Source: Palwasha- Makeup Studio/
Source: Palwasha- Makeup Studio/

Engagement/Baat Pakki Makeover:

7500 PKR

Mehendi Makeup:

6000 PKR

Baraat Makeup:

15000 PKR (no services)

Walima Makeup:

12,000 PKR


So now that you know, hurry and book away before all the dates get taken.


Disclaimer: MangoBaaz doesn’t endorse any of these makeup artists. They are mentioned for their pocket friendly services, not necessarily on the quality of their work. All these professionals have reviews on their pages and pictures of the kind of work they provide, so do your research and book an appointment at your own risk. Happy shaadi season!

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