Affan Waheed Just Revealed How Scared He Is About Doing “Ghalti” With Hira Mani And We See Why

By Iman Zia | 28 Jun, 2019

Affan Waheed is teaming up with his on-screen love Hira Mani again, but he’s fearing the worst.

In an interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid, ‘Do Bol’ actor Affan Waheed revealed exciting details about his upcoming project with Hira Mani. The two actors quickly beefed up into overnight stars after their successful stint as the on-screen couple on ARY Digital’s ‘Do Bol.’ Audiences praised Affan and Hira for their fiery chemistry tangled into a phenomenal plot that rightfully begged positive reaction.

Source: BBC Asian Network / YouTube

Post ‘Do Bol,’ Affan’s been hounded by projects, and he’s admitted it’s all been very overwhelming.

The actor revealed he still felt like he didn’t belong in the “media,” insinuating he still never wants to see himself on camera; “I should quit media just right now.” Affan has always feared being judged in what can be a very artificial industry where many are in it just to be stars, gain followers and maintain a profound foot in the door of social media.

Source: BBC Asian Network / YouTube


“Social media is getting a little hyper these days, so I really don’t want to face the backlash so I try and behave myself and be reserved.”

Affan’s humbleness and frankness are two traits that have given him leeway to last this long in the Pakistani drama industry; the overwhelming response received for ‘Do Bol’ was detrimental for Affan’s mental health – but he tries his best to stay grounded and level-headed; “I try to be as humble as I possibly can. People mob me and manhandle me, that’s a tough thing to handle.”

Source: BBC Asian Network / YouTube


Affan was asked about how he handles success and responded that it’s very tough. He was afraid of all the expectations fans have now after the victorious ‘Do Bol.’

His fear of failing was natural. Triumph in the fast-paced drama fraternity comes with baggage, and for someone who wants to relatively stay low-key, it’s not a walk in the park. When Haroon asked him if he’s prepared for the next project to not do as well, Affan said he’s ready and that the thought of it raises hairs on his body.

Source: BBC Asian Network / YouTube


On his next drama with Hira, Affan revealed it’s called ‘Ghalti,’ and that the two actors chose this project after being “flooded with offers.”

‘Ghalti’ also stems from ARY Digital, so it’s a safe bet that it should do well again – and Affan’s hoping “it turns out to be a huge success again.” His other upcoming role has him playing an antagonist for the very first time in a Hum T.V. drama with Sanam Jung and Zahid Ahmed.

Source: BBC Asian Network / YouTube


Here’s the full interview.



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