Actress Sara Khan Just Apologized For Her Offensive ‘Burqa' Statement But People Aren't Having It

By Arslan Athar | 30 Nov, 2018

A few days back, Indian actress Sara Khan gave a pretty strong statement against the ‘burqa’. 

Source: @ssarakhan / Instagram


She asked why only women have to cover themselves, and why men don’t have to cover their eyes. 

A lot of people trolled the actress for her comments, calling into question her Islam and just generally trolling her.

Source: @ssarakhan / Instagram


The actress took to Twitter to apologize for her comments. 

In her short video, she apologizes to all Muslims for her remarks and admits that maybe she used inappropriate language. She also says that she is nobody to pass comment on religion and religious matters.


People were not fully accepting of her apology 


There was also the objection to the fact that she was getting her hair done while saying ‘sorry’


There was a lot of redirection to God 


Some comments were REALLY extreme 


While people were hating, some were calling for a ban on her serials 


People called her out for doing all this as a publicity stunt 


There were warnings being sent out to her too


And she was also reminded of the inevitability of her death 

Not surprising that people used that angle with her


Shockingly, there were some people who were nice 


Among the hate, there was support, which was really nice to see


And this comment WINS today 

What did you think of Sara’s statement, and now what do you think of her apology?

Let us know in the comments 🙂


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