Actress Resham And Reham Khan Are In A Weird Fight And Like, WTF!?!

By Arslan Athar | 10 Sep, 2018

Resham has been part of the Pakistani entertainment industry for quite a while now. She’s a name that is recognized all over the country and in every house. She represents the golden era of Pakistani film and television, however, is still a massive name in the industry.

She keeps all her fans updated on her life through her Instagram 

Resham proves to still be a major part of the industry 

She recently gave an interview where she bared it all.

Her comments on Reham Khan, however, stood out the most. Apparently, in her rather scandalous book, she mentioned Resham.

Resham revealed that she was flooded with screenshots of the excerpt where she’s mentioned.

According to Resham, Reham used celebrities that are generally not involved in scandals. She said that Reham essentially just used some famous names to get her book the spotlight.

Resham then goes on to say this; ‘Reham Khan aurat ki badtareen misaal hai, aur Jemima Khan aurat ki behtareen misaal hai.’ 

Source: Pak Times

As Resham’s interview caught more traction, the news apparently, reached Reham.

She tweeted out, claiming that she never included Resham’s photo in the book

So yeah, there is just a lot of confusion.

Source: Giphy

Of course, people sided with Resham 

Everywhere you look, there is no izzat 

The ‘badtareen aurat’ comment stuck with a lot of viewers 

People were just throwing constant shade at her

While some people just pointed out the simple truth 

This poor man had a LOT of questions 

And, of course, Reham responded. 

This isn’t the first time Reham Khan has taken on celebrities in this fashion.

There was the whole online feud between her and Hamza Ali Abbasi 

Source: Daily Times

Which was followed soon by Reham and Zaid Ali locking heads over social media. 

Source: Dawn Images

It is only natural that people are just DONE with Reham

During the same interview, Resham also talked about how the new generation of actors and actresses need to respect older members of the industry.

She relays the story of when Fawad Khan had to introduce her on stage. The introduction he did end up giving her, she felt, was way too simple. According to her, he did not mention her body of work or her status in the industry, he kept it very matter of fact. This experience left a bad taste in her mouth.

Resham is definitely a big name in the industry. Over the past few years, she’s been missing in action, however, in this interview, she talks about a new drama she’s a part of. It will be really great to see her grace our TV screens once again. She is truly a legend of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry.

You can watch all of Resham’s interview here.

What did you think of what she had to say?

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