This Actress Just Mocked A PIA Air Hostess And Twitter Is Not Having It

By Momina Mindeel | 3 Jul, 2017

The social battlefield aka Twitter witnessed another drama today. This time, a Pakistani actress, Shama Junejo was at the heart of it.


Earlier today, Shama Junejo shared a candid image of a PIA female air hostess and sarcastically commented about her age and facial expression


The tweet definitely did catch a lot of attention for the mockery that was being done and people called Shama out


After the massive backlash, Shama Junejo explained that it was not taken by her, she just found it on Twitter and thought it was funny

She also mentioned that she would never travel by PIA, so, puhleez guys, stop harassing her.

Fair enough, Shama jee but I don’t think that still gives you a right to post someone’s picture without their consent.


Others just resorted to politely correcting Ms. Shama’s facts 

Some of them were just plain annoyed like most of us

And went on to explain how desis are rowdy passengers and if the stewards or stewardesses show a little emotion, it’s only natural 

(I completely agree, tbh)

Some, however, resorted to making not so funny jokes too

And these not so funny jokes did exactly what they shouldn’t have: normalized mocking a lady just going about her business

It may be true that Ms. Junejo shared the picture off of social media and in good humor but the fact that a person is being made fun of based on their age is rather appalling.

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