Anyone Who Suffers From Acne Knows This Is How People React Around You

By Malaika Tahir | 22 Oct, 2016

Yeah some of us have acne and by pointing it out and reminding us every waking minute of our life doesn’t really help. It’s something beyond our control mostly, so how about a conversation that doesn’t involve our acne for a change?

Here are the struggles people with acne can totally relate to:

People will be stating the obvious

Someone: Yaar tumhare moun pe tu bohat daanain hain

Me: OMG WHAT? I never would have known!

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Everyone will have a totka to offer

Apne moun pe neem k pattay lagao

Aloe Vera lagaya karo

Apna moun ubaltay hoye paani mein daal lo

Concealer laga lia karo

Why are my innocent little harmless pimples bothering you so much? And I too have Google but thanks for the expert advice, anyway, Zubaida aapa.

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People will ask you if you did something wrong with your face

Tum moun nahi dhoti?

Tum kheyaal nahi rakhti skin ka?

Makeup dhoti nahi ho?

Mmm…this is beyond my control, can you stop blaming me for something on my face that I really have no control over?

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And they will try to give you “miracle” stories to tell you it’s okay

Meri cousin k tou moun pe itne zyada pimples thay per bus ussne tu ye cream lagai aur aik raat k ander hi woh Kareena Kapoor ban gai. Tum bhi try karo.

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And some even become the acne hakeem just for you

The walking-talking Wikipedia who tells you all the in depth details about what’s happening to your skin, how much sebum it’s producing, why it’s happening and what should be done about it.

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Others will put you down by discussing their own “glowing” skin

Someone: I’m so thankful I don’t have an acne prone skin

Me: Aww, that made me feel so much better.

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There will always be those who scare you with their kaali zabaan

Iskay nishaan saari zindagi nahi jaatay.

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Anutie Razia will be kind enough to refer you to the “best” dermatologist




If they don’t say or do anything, they’ll just keep on staring at your pimple

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Source: roshambosaveslives/


Jeeyo and jeenay dou, yaar.

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