This Brave Acid Attack Victim From Quetta Narrated Her Horrifying Incident And People Are Shocked

By Noor | 8 Nov, 2018

The horrendous act of an acid attack has become very common in recent years. The culprits are not just to be blamed for the scarred faces but for the scarred lives too.


An acid attack victim from Quetta just narrated her horrific experience

Kiran, a girl who earned her living by teaching the students has given the details about the incident of the acid attack. She told that the incident occurred in the Railway Society, Quetta. She has also given a few details about the culprits.

Source: @imSohaibKhan/Twitter


According to her, two unidentified men threw acid on the girl and her mother and fled

Source; @imSohaibKhan/Twitter


Her mother has also suffered from the burn injuries

Source: @imSohaibKhan/Twitter


The lady told that the incident happened while she and her mother were on their way back from the tuition center

Source: @imSohaibKhan/Twitter


Here’s Kiran’s terrible ordeal in her own words

We spoke to the person who uploaded Kiran’s story on social media and he shared,” the girl(Kiran) is an orphan and after the death of her father, We used to help these ladies. Kiran got married to someone and Later took divorce( Khul’aa). After this, Kiran started teaching in an ‘English local academy’.”


People are, naturally, infuriated by the terrible fate that Kiran has suffered


Calls to help the victims have also been sounded


The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar, is also being called upon to take an action

This incident has shocked many but sadly it’s just another reminder that there’s a lot that needs to be done for the women in our society. There should be a ban on the sale of highly corrosive liquids to minor and the government should overhaul the laws around possession of acid. Finally, there’s a need for an efficient law implementation in order to ensure that no-one’s life and face get scarred this way.


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