There's Achaar Flavored Condom Now And It Has Left A Bad Taste In Everyone's Mouth

By Ather Ahmed | 8 Aug, 2017

You all must’ve heard or read about flavored condoms. There are fruity ones such as strawberry, apple, and orange. Bubble gum and mint have also gained popularity in recent years. ( Not in Pakistan of course, tauba tauba). Some contraceptive companies, however, have taken their obsession with flavors to a whole new extreme.


You now have coffee flavored ones that make one wonder, surely there are better ways to get your daily dose of caffeine



There are garlic ones, as well. An innovative way to guard you against vampires if you ask me 😉



Some people just want to make the world more haraam than it already is by making these booze flavored condoms

Seriously what is up with goras? I guess this is what ‘thora daru vich pyar milakey‘ means.



However, all of these are nothing compared to the Achaar flavored condoms by our friends across the border

Yeah, you heard that right. They are calling it the ‘achaari masti’. Quite clever if you ask me. Anyway, an Indian contraceptive company called ‘ManForce’ just posted this on social media.

If the name Manforce wasn’t already inappropriate enough. Now we have this.

Source: Manforce/Facebook

We aren’t sure whether the company actually plans to launch such a product or it’s just a troll thingie.


Regardless, the product does have a lot of people talking

Some were concerned about the after effects of the mirchi laced condom


While others already have a bad taste in their mouth without actually using it


The trolls had a field day of course. It’s like they were dreaming for this day since a millennia


It’s times like these that I am glad Pakistan was declared a separate nation back in 1947. May God bless Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. We got 99 problems but achaar condom ain’t one.


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