Pakistanis Are Accusing Abrar ul Haq For Being A Hypocrite, Here's Why

By Alveena Jadoon | 13 Nov, 2017

We have all grown up listening to the music of dear old Abrar ul Haq.

Who doesn’t remember dancing to his music and jamming to the likes of Bilo and Majajan.



But musicians in Pakistan do not tend to stick to the same field for long thanks to lack of a viable career in the creative arts

Abrar is also of the same streak but he chose the path less taken, and that is politics.


He is well known for his association with PTI and the bandwagon calling out for a change in the country.


While all of that is okay, what is not okay, according to many Pakistanis, is his selective humanity.

Here’s how


And then there’s this

Do you see what’s wrong?

According to Pakistanis, the stance that he has taken in both of the videos is very hypocritical. The reason being that out of feelings of Pan-Islamism, he is ready to stand up for the Muslims of Rohingya but is not ready to stand up for the minority community in his own country. He is advocating for strict action against them, despite knowing how sensitive the issue is and how eager our people are to take justice into their own hands. This, they believe, is selective humanity. It means that the person accused of it only wants to save a particular kind of beings and thinks that the rest, who are facing violence and scrutiny, deserve what they are going through.

How is that hypocritical?

A person who genuinely cares for humanity and believes in principles of peace, diversity, coexistence and nonviolence never resorts to differentiating between people who deserve help and people who don’t purely based on their belief.

Even if someone does this, why is this wrong?

Religion is a very private matter. Offering help based on belief is not only wrong but against the spirit that religion promotes. Wouldn’t it be best to leave matters to the Almighty – to decide whether or not an individual is Muslim enough?

Another thing to consider

Right now, people professing to such beliefs are in majority. But what if you are not in majority one day and people choose to indulge in violence against you. Do you think that that’s a good position to be in? Because remember, what goes around comes around!


Here’s what the Twitter sphere thought of his statements and it seems people are no longer Billo fans

Do you think people are rightly pointing out hypocrisy? Let us know what you think.


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