Ladies And Gentlemen, This Model-Turned-Politician Is This Election's Best Discovery, You're Welcome

By Ramsha Bhatti | 27 Jul, 2018

The men have had their fair share of beauties to admire in various international and local events as of late. However, this time we have brought forth something for the ladies and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


Let us present to you Abbas Jafri

#AJ #porsche #showstopper

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He blessed us with rugged beards

#AJ #beardgang

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His rusty, messy locks shook the way we saw and perceived male models



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However, Abbas Jafri isn’t just all about the looks. 

Source: Warner Bros. Studios

He has a very interesting resume, to say the least.

Before the bearded hottie changed male related stereotypes in the modeling world, he was taking his athletic career very seriously. And can you guess which sports he preferred?

You guessed it right: Cricket! Abbas started his cricket career with the Pakistan under-19 cricket group.

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Seems like Abbas Jafri has done strikingly well in the field.

What a champ!

#AJ #Austrslian #police #diplomaticimmunity #Charitymatch #celebrities

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Then came in his trend-setting days, as Abbas Jafri took Pakistans’ modeling industry by storm with his unconventional style!

A huge shout out to whoever discovered this bearded beauty.

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The lad continued to make waves on and off the ramp!

Off ramp: our hearts!

source: Facebook

Kya karun haye, kuch kuch hota hai.


Wrong! Bohat kuch hota hai!

He’s got hearts racing ever since he stepped foot in the fashion industry.


Brb. Sending my mom a photo of her soon to be son-in-law.

With that being said, he has ventured into a new realm of popularity: politics.

Thanks for letting us know mate. We owe you one!

Abbas Jafri joined the political battlefield by joining hands with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. 

source: The Pakistan Tribune

Beard, shalwar kameez, optimism, and that swag. Nice. 

#PS125 #PTI #AJ

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Take my damn vote, you beauty!

source: Giphy

Okay, maybe a little too late for that. And votes aisay baanttey nahi phirna chahiye. 

But that does not mean that we will stop acknowledging, well, all of this.




But hey, you know what else is great about him? He seems like a good guy, ya know? Taking time out for things that matter.

That’s just really sweet.

a smile is worth a million words #AJ #specialkids

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Also, can we appreciate this look? Ranbir Kapoor who?

#rockstar #AJ

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Yeah, um, WOW.

Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal #AJ

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I outright refuse to get over him anytime soon. Can’t even begin to explain how hard it is to find a man with good looks, on-fleek beard, smashing personality, and a heart that beats for his people. What’s your take on this beauty?


All The Times Abbas Jafri Made Girls Think “Kaash Mere Aisay Baal Hotay”



He’s The Most Stylish Politician Of Pakistan And He’s Serving The Perfect Looks Everyday


Cover image via Fingerprints on the Wardrobe / Blogspot

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