People Are Boycotting Hum TV For Not Releasing “Aangan” Online But Apparently It's Coming To Netflix

By Iman Zia | 23 Dec, 2018

Aangan is causing agony to fans


Usually, the drill is that when a Pakistani drama airs on television, it gets released on YouTube either a few hours later or at most a day later. Recent Hum Television dramas have always released on YouTube shortly after airing on television, like acclaimed serial ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.’ 


Fans have been left shocked after ‘Aangan’s’ first episode made its debut on Thursday evening, but was then never legally released online YouTube

Source: Talkback Thames


And despite it being illegally uploaded on platform ‘Daily Motion,’ fans are blaming Hum Television for negligence. We asked our followers what they thought of all this confusion about it not releasing on YouTube, and they made very just points; many missed the live airing and those living abroad had no portal to watch it…and an illegal upload was simply not good enough considering the amount of hype the network pushed for ‘Aangan.’




So, what on earth is going on? Will it ever release on YouTube?

Minhas Singara, who is the PR Manager for Hum Television spoke to Galaxy Lollywood and said the producers of the drama are attempting to sell it to a web portal, considering the “magnum opus of Hum TV” and the fact it’s a “highly bankrolled project.” She stated the official announcement will be made next week…

Source: Hum Television Network


A close source of our own has also stated that it’s very likely that it will be aired on Netflix. I hope this gives some relief to all Hum followers who have been left incredibly disappointed.

Source: Netflix


So, what do you guys think?



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