Last Night's Emotional Episode Of “Aangan” Revealed Something Very Significant And Fans Are Grieving

By Iman Zia | 4 Jan, 2019

This week’s episode of ‘Aangan’ was by far the pulpiest one yet. We’ve had very tedious moments so far, but this is undoubtedly the pivotal episode that will undeniably now change the future of the series. It was the most emotional one thus far too after a particular revelation destroyed us entirely. We discovered Salma’s secret that deepened the impassioned ethos ‘Aangan’ held, and how those who loved her reacted.

*spoiler alert*

While Malik is still shackled in his closet of skeletons, what with all his affairs and illegitimate children, Amma Jaan spends her time reminiscing about her lost daughter Salma, who ran away to be with Subhan. We see Amma Jaan reach a crux where it really does feel like she’s forgiven her daughter as she sings a lullaby, with no one but Salma twirling around in her head. Emotions run high in the Amma Jaan household, but then again, when isn’t there a lingering tension you could cut with a knife?


Mazhar might be incredibly rude and distant, but his love for Salma is clear when he goes to meet her and Subhan on multiple occasions. I can’t help feel so terrible for Subhan and how haphazard Malik has made the situation, especially now that Salma and Subhan will be having a child together.

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While Salma and Subhan sit together on a charpai, they embody the dreamy couple we’re all rooting for; she’s knitting her unborn child clothes and while it’s all a brief moment of relief, it’s snatched away immediately. Salma begins coughing into her handkerchief, and we see remnants of blood, yet she remains nonchalant – as if she already knew she was dying; she has TB. She faints just has her brother comes to visit her.


She screams “bhaiyya” and he warns her never to cry again. He loves her, and it’s a very heavy scene to inhale as the audience. He asks him if Subhan takes care of her – she responds and says he takes incredible care of her, and even cooks for her. To steer the conversation into a more serious matter, Salma begs Mazhar to let Subhan be given a job and let them live their lives.

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It’s clear Salma doesn’t have much time left. Mazhar returns home and questions his father if it were true that he has banned Subhan from every household from giving Subhan. Malik indirectly avoids responding, although we know it’s true – and honestly, what an incredibly cruel thing to do. While Omair emphasizes that Subhan is his damaad but Malik declares that he will always be his mulazim. 


Salma’s condition worsens, and when her household comes to know, we see by far the most exhilarating, most terrifying moment when Amma Jaan is informed. At first she doesn’t move; it’s like time has stopped for her. She asks once more before she breaks down. She’s screaming, banging doors, crying out for her lost daughter, and blaming Malik; “meri bachi guzar gai” and screams “Allah tujhe barbaad kare.” The others console her.

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We find out Salma died having a boy, and Subhan now cradling him in his arms just as Mazhar arrives again. I’m very, very impressed by Mazhar and my respect for him has grown exceedingly. They exchange barely any words; all he says is that Salma made his child’s hands as Mazhar holds him.


Fans had a lot of thoughts about the episode


With many praising Amma Jaan’s reaction





What were your thoughts on the episode?


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