A Woman Went For Her Honeymoon In Murree, But Brought Back A Jinn Inside Her

By Abu's Jinns | 30 Aug, 2019

Part three of a few jinn stories from the life of a Pakistani exorcist that’ll keep you up at night. Part 3 deals with a woman who goes to Murree and brings back a jinn inside her. These stories have been taken, with permission, from Abus’ Jinns official book.

Badzubaan Aurat

Muhammad Sheikh Sarfraz – I don’t share a blood relation with him, Ayesha beti, but he is a part of our khandaan. Ireland main hota hai, aj kal. Jameel uncle knows him too. Khair, Sarfraz was the first of us to get married, back in 1995. His shaadi was very grand. You know, like that marriage we attended in Faisalabad, which I helped arrange, aunty Nejma ki beti ki? Bilkul wesay. I think that dado chose your ami from the crowd at the wedding too.

Kahani bhi kuch lag bhag usi waqt ki hai.

I didn’t know Sarfraz’s wife personally, back then. But, MashAllah, they made a great couple. And wedding photos tou aisay ayein thein jaise wou dollar shop kay frames main couples ki hotein hain. We dropped them at the train station for their honeymoon. I tou always told Sarfraz that the honeymoon is an important phase of life and that he should go abroad – like your ami and I did, Thailand wagera but khair, he went to Murree.

Udher huwa kuch aisa, that Sarfraz’s missus, Minhal went out for a walk at Maghrib time.

Beta, pehli baat tou itna sajna sawarna, haatoun per mehndi ka gehra rang, and chanel ka perfume jo I always tell your mother not to wear when leaving the house – such a terribly strong smell it has – Minhal bhabhi was in such a halat at Maghrib, in the mountains, and as we got to know later, with open hair till her knees. But beta unki bhi galti nahin, it was her right to look beautiful,

Khair, coming back to the story, I obviously didn’t know all this at that time. I was in the Gujranwala wali factory and just when I came to Lahore, Sarfraz appeared at my doorstep. He looked alarmed for a newly wedded man, but I recall cracking a joke about it. We were downstairs in the living room when he broke the story to me. ‘Adnan, yaar I don’t believe in all this bullshit you claim to see, lekin, I think I need your help.’

Wou tou sab theek hai but why didn’t you bring bhabhi with you. Aisay koun karta hai yaar. You’re married-’

Sarfraz kept the glass of falsa juice on the table and whilst folding his sleeves, looked at me and shook his head in dismay.

‘I actually don’t know what to say,’ he replied in a monotone, ‘a logical and sane part of me says that Minhal likes another man and thus she has started doing eerie things to upset me.’

I frowned. ‘She’s your wife,’ I answered, ‘kuch kehne say pehle soch tou liya karo, yaar.’

Yaar kya sochoun main, Adnan. Jab say honeymoon say wapis ayein hain she’s been ill!’

Tou Bahi, doctor to dekhao. Why are you accusing the poor woman?’

Sarfraz bit his lower lip and rested his face on the armrest. ‘Konsay doctor ko dekhaoun? She tries to come out of the room, with no clothes on, threatens bee jaan, she cut Mustafa’s hair whilst he was sleeping, she refuses to go to the washroom when she has to and dirties the bed and when I confront her, she grins. Kal garage main bethi mari huwi billi ko chaat rahi thi yaar! Honeymoon per tou bilkul theek thi! Ab yeh sab ja kar main doctor ko btaoun?

Beti, us waqt pata mujhe bhi chal gaya tha k maajra kya hai aur Sarfraz sahab ko bhi, but yeh jou science zyaada parh letay hain, they shut off a part of their brain and refuse to decipher what their minds can’t encode. I’m a scholar, I’ve done three masters and yet, I know what the Quran entails. Khair, us waqt maine zyaada behas nahin ki. He was already in distress. I just told him that I’ll visit his house tomorrow.

Main usay kal yahan lay aaoun ga,’ Sarfraz said.

She won’t be able to step a foot in the house,’ I answered calmly, ‘I’ll be at your place before fajar.

Itni subah?

Fajar say pehle bhabhi meri sab baatein sun lain gi.’

Usually, Sarfraz would have asked for a factual explanation after what I said, but that day, he remained quiet. We watched the cricket final that night and for the first time, Sarfraz asked me about the paranormal entities I see. Beti, remember, sab ko samjhana humara kaam nahin hai, likun haan, to be there for them is what makes the difference. Khair, what was to follow the next day left me horrified.

It was around 3 a.m. when I reached his house. He used to live in Model Town back then. Jameel uncle wasn’t with me back then, and these are a few of the cases that I dealt with by myself. The thing is that as I can sense their presence, they can sense mine too.

When I entered the house, thori tabiyat meri bhi kharab huwi. Sarfraz felt alright and so did his brother Mustafa, but I felt very uneasy. I remember Sarfraz bringing medicines for me, but I told him that till I’d stay in his house, my stomachache would remain. I told all the elders to stay in the basement, whilst I took Mustafa with me upstairs. Us waqt, beta, I hadn’t had many experiences, and especially with women, I hesitated because I didn’t want the creature hurting them. I sent in Mustafa with a glass of abe zam zam. The glass returned with a message.

Uncle wou keh rahi hain kay Adnan jab yahan tak aye hou tou kamre k andar bhi aa jao.’

I told Mustafa to sit on the charpae outside the room and after reciting a prayer, I went inside. Minhal sat on the bed, smudging crimson red lipstick on and around her lips.

Darwaza tou peechay say band kardo Adnan, bacha kya soche ga?’ Minhal smirked, ‘kya soche ga, kya soche ga, zamana hayeee. Main budzubaan haye…

At this point, I looked up at the ceiling and started reciting the Quran. I remember that bhabhi’s voice was rather beautiful. Or was it the creature, I do not know.

Chordo anchal-’

The first recitation.

‘-zamana kya kahe ga.’

The second recitation.

Chor dou anchal – Chor Chor Chor Chor Chor Chor -’

The third recitation.


Aey jinn, nikal!’ I yelled.

That was the first time, beti, a woman ever slapped me. But that was no ordinary slap, I felt it shake my very soul and that is when, Ayesha beti, I started reciting the Quran like I never had before, and with the door locked, and perfume bottles coming at me, I made sure that it was also the last time I got hurt by a jinn.

Khair, pata hai, next week wohi dinner per aa rahe hain. Sarfraz and Minhal bhabhi from Ireland.


The writer, Ayesha Muzaffar, runs the famous Instagram account, Abu’s Jinns, which narrates gripping tales around supernatural events. You can follow her here.


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