A Pakistani's Guide To The Current Immigration Crisis In America And Why It's Relevant To Us

By Alveena Jadoon | 25 Jun, 2018

Ever since the Trump administration took control of the reigns of the government in America, every day has been a source of bad news – with the administration failing miserably to justify the rationalization behind policies.


A recent move which has jolted people from across the globe is the zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants, which involves the separation of children from their parents in an effort to teach them a lesson

This policy was being pursued in complete disregard for the humanitarian side of the crisis and separating not just young children but also babies from their parents.

Images upon images were pouring over the internet showing children being caged. The administration is going ahead to call these cages the “tender age shelters” and a constant effort was being made to portray these shelters as places where these children were being cared for. The parents were being sent to jail to teach them a lesson about illegal immigration.

Source: usatoday.com

The Republicans are blaming the Democrats for this policy because the latter allegedly refused to discuss reforms in immigration laws. This goes to show the distrust between both sides and as a result families have to suffer. Young children and babies who will be traumatized for a lifetime after this – no one is catering to that in their rivalry.


President Trump’s own views about immigrants are no secret either, which explains the lack of regard for the people who cross borders

There is no mention of the kind of lives they were leading in their home country or whether or not there was an imminent threat that they were trying to escape from by fleeing from their own country.

Scientific American Vs President Trump On Immigration

Trump has always talked about immigrants like they’re animals

Gepostet von NowThis Politics am Freitag, 22. Juni 2018

There is a greater corporate interest in these detention centers as well. Many corporate private firms are benefitting from the time this zero-tolerance policy came into effect last year. And the best case scenario is that since these are private facilities, no one can ask them what goes on inside them – the conditions in which people are kept and whether or not they are treated correctly.


While there were pictures of boys in these facilities, there was no update on how the children and women were kept in these facilities

There is a rising concern regarding these two groups because of the fear of being mistreated and adding to the trauma that forced these women to flee from their home country in the first place.

And this entire rampage of illegal immigrants is not just limited to those crossing the border. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is hunting down all illegal immigrants throughout the country and separating families.

Source: knkx.com

A country which claims to champion the cause of human rights is making a complete fool out of itself and has the audacity to justify these actions by using flowery language. The sheer disregard for human beings and their conditions is what is extremely problematic. It is quite understandable to not be accepting of illegal immigration and wanting to take actions against it but not by mistreating individuals.

People are rightfully agitated against these inhumane laws in place and even forced Trump to FINALLY take action

Those who have been living in the country for a long time now should be incorporated into the system instead of just forcing them to go back without a clear idea about what they will do with their lives. The immigration reforms should not be at the expense of families losing their dear ones. If this entire rampage was a way to get a message across, then this is highly shameful and inhumane.

The policy has been in place for over a year and it is only when there is outrage not just from within the country but also across the globe is when President Trump signs an executive order to facilitate families not being separated. But this is only applicable in cases of new illegal immigrants. The existing ones are still separated and living in poor conditions.


This particular case and the gross violation of human rights is no different from what Hitler did back in his day, critics say

Let us not fail to label it as such only because of the status that the USA has in the global political regime and because it portrays itself as one of the most civilized nations in the world, to the point that it intervenes in the matters of other nations as well.


Illegal immigration is a transnational issue but in order to deal with it, it must be understood in entirety rather than looking at it only from the perspective that people are coming in illegally

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People flee their homeland for several reasons and as global political citizens, we must accommodate them. A case in point is our own country. Pakistan is home to one of the largest refugee populations in the world. We took in Afghans at the time when the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan and in an attempt to pursue USA’s agenda in the region, we took in Afghan refugees fleeing the terror in the region. That population has since then lived in Pakistan and in the most miserable of conditions. Now that the region is pursuing an end to war policy in Afghanistan with the cooperation of multiple countries, Pakistan is rigorously working to get the Afghans back home. The same sentiment resides in the people here that immigrants are using up our resources and there is no concrete policy on how to get them back home. However, there is a consistent effort on part of the Pakistani government to bring the Afghan government on the same page about people going back to their own state.


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