This Army Public School Tried Encouraging Parents To Not Pressurize Their Kids But People Aren't Happy

By Alveena Jadoon | 6 Mar, 2018

School can get a bit overwhelming, we all know that. There’s arguments with friends, pressure of work, challenges of growing up and the expectation to manage all of it without seeking any help.


Army Public School in Malir Karachi decided to remind parents one of the most crucial aspects of being a student


Each child develops an interest in a particular subject or activity that he/she prefers doing over the others.

There will be kids who like studying science and mathematics, but not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or an engineer. Some might just want to be a musician, a historian, a pharmacist, a writer, a beautician, an actor, and the list just goes on. Kids develop such interests and just because they do not score well on the standard score sheet does not mean that they are going to fail in life or can’t do wonders with their life. If encouraged to pursue something that interests them, kids can do wonders.

It is important that we love our children unconditionally regardless of who they want to be

Posted by Malir Cantt, Karachi on Sonntag, 4. März 2018


However, this gesture by the school is not being taken well

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People think that by encouraging such behaviour in parents and students, they are being very lenient

At the same time, they also feel that this will keep the kids very protected instead of preparing them for the real world.

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Some are also commenting on how the content is copied and that itself proves how dedicated the school is towards the cause

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Others just wished that this notice was sent out back in their days in the school

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The message that Army Public School was trying to give out is very important for a number of reasons

Number one: Schools in Pakistan do not admit that there is a constant pressure on students to perform in a particular manner

Number two: There is no encouragement offered whatsoever to kids wanting to pursue a different career trajectory

Number three: Due to societal pressure and competition in the market, parents often forget to give their child the space to make their own decisions. Because they want them to be secure, they often end up enforcing a particular way of life on their kids.

These three reasons are very important for students to discuss. And these debates must be started within schools because it is an entire organized system that pushes kids to act in a certain manner and make certain choices.



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