A Falooda Seller From Karachi Became A Billionaire Over Night. How? He Has No Idea

By Aam Nawab | 30 Sep, 2018

While we all like to talk shit about the rich, we also wish we were one of them. Who doesn’t dream about waking up one day and just being rich all of a sudden? Then you wake up and realize your bank balance isn’t what you thought it was and you have less money than you though. But that’s you. Unlike you, this falooda seller from Karachi just realized he’s a billionaire. Overnight.

billionaire falooda seller

Turns out he has 2.25 billion rupees in his bank account that he had no idea about.

That’s right, 2.25 billion.

Billion with a b.

Source: Giphy

Here’s the best part about all of this. Abdul Qadir, the topic of this news, said that he only found out about the money in his bank account after being summoned by the FIA. So basically, homeboy had no idea about the money until getting in trouble for having it. As a poet by the name of Notorious BIG once said, “Mo money mo problems.”

“I run a small stall. How can I have that much money?  They have seen it themselves,” he said while speaking to the media.

Abdul Qadir says he opened a bank account a few years ago to buy a house in Surjani Town but apparently doesn’t check his bank account very frequently. He lives in a 40 square yard house and isn’t literate. Looks like he can upgrade his living situation now, that is if he wants. Remember – “mo money mo problems.”

So while the FIA completes its investigation as to how Abdul Qadir ended up with 2.25 billion rupees, police have been stationed outside his house because authorities fear that the person or group that transferred the money into his account would try to harm Abdul Qadir.

So basically, mo money mo problems.

In my opinion, though, Abdul Qadir should get to keep a chunk of this money because of all the shit he’s going to have to deal with now. Also, if someone has tried his falooda, please tell me how it is. That is, if you believe the story that he had no idea about this money and is, in fact, himself a criminal mastermind…(in case you don’t get it, I’m joking about him being a criminal mastermind. I have to say this because unfortunately sarcasm is lost on some people).

What’s your take on this what-the-falooda kind of event? Let us know in the comments section.

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