A 13 Year Old Domestic Worker In Karachi Was Raped And Murdered And People Are Asking Shireen Mazari To Wake Up

By Rameeza Ahmad | 19 Sep, 2019

Fazia Yasin who was a domestic worker in Karachi was brutally raped and murdered

Another day on social media and another case of a minor being allegedly murdered comes to light. Child labor aside, the mistreatment of domestic workers, especially underage ones, is disgusting.


The case is of Faiza Yasin a 13 year old girl who is said to be from Rahim Yar Khan and was a domestic worker in Karachi has shocked everyone

Faiza was allegedly tortured and raped multiple times by her employers. The people who employed Faiza ended up allegedly murdering her and then hanging her by a fan to make the entire incident seem like an apparent suicide. Her alleged murder was brought to light on social media because those accused of the crime have still not been arrested.


Faiza’s case has disturbed a lot of people and everyone’s trying to get the attention of the Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari

As the Minister in charge of safeguarding human rights it is for her to take action against the alleged murders and not let Faiza’s murder be forgotten and unpunished.

A lot of people tagged the minister and others tagged various media companies to raise awareness about the issue and prompt officials into taking action.

The images of Faiza’s body are circulating on social media but they’re too disturbing to be reproduced.

People have left little to no faith left in the law enforcement agencies and the justice system as cases registered by those without any influential backing are rarely ever given the time of day. Unless people make a riot on social media nothing is ever done. And honestly, when, if ever will this change? Once the hashtag stops trending, who’s making sure there is accountability by officials to see through that justice is served?

The normalization of events like these because of their frequency is astounding. What happened to the case of young Rehan in Karachi murdered over allegedly trying to steal something? To the case of 15 year old Uzma beaten to death for taking a bite of food? What happened?


People Are Demanding Justice After A Young Boy In Karachi Was Brutally Murdered By Men For Allegedly Stealing

People Are Demanding Justice After 15 Year Old Uzma Was Beaten To Death By Her Employers And Thrown In The Drain



Cover Image Source: @Lanaschild_ via Twitter / dailytimes.com

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