8 Times Ammis Got Way Too Real With Their Kids

8 Times Ammis Got Way Too Real With Their Kids

8 Times Ammis Got Way Too Real With Their Kids

Once upon a time, there was a trend on a Facebook page called The Sarri-alist Movement about how Ammis would drive their kids crazy. “Sarrialists” confessed and shared some of their most precious childhood moments.


1. Perhaps the biggest troll of our lives. No matter how smart we think we are, at one point of our pointless lives, we did believe in all those made-up convos.

BM Troll Mom


2. The times when our mothers would stay awake with us all night just to listen up to our poorly crammed crap and prepare us for the exam next day. Or sometimes, you know, to be just there, as a moral support 😉

Troll Mom 2


3. And then they wonder why Pakistanis are so superstitious…

Troll Mom 3


4. Host: “Yeh lou, baita. Ice-cream khao.” *Looks at mom. Receives the deadliest of death-stares*
Nehi nehi, aunty. Bhook he nehi lag rehi bilkul bhi. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Troll mom 4


5. Asking your mom to literally dictate word/meaning/sentences and getting caught by your Urdu teacher the next morning, “Yeh jumlay aap nay khud likhay hain?” -__-

troll mom 5


6) “Reprimand him. Hit him. Do whatever it takes to make him serious about studies. We won’t mind. He’s totes your responsibility at school.”

…Kia itna bura houn mein, Ammi? :’(

troll mom 6


7. Despite that. They are always there to knock sense into our knuckleheads when we need it the most.

troll mom 7


8. Although a simple textbook ‘thank you’ cannot at all do justice to all the sacrifices and efforts you’d put in in my upbringing but always know that you’re the most important person in my life. And even though I’m not best child in the world, I know that.

troll mom 8

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