10 Jokes From The Sarri-alist Movement That Will Leave You Laughing on the Floor

By The Sarri-alist Movement | 22 Aug, 2015

Do you ever come across a lame forwarded message/internet post and wonder…”Seriously, man? Who makes up such brilliant crap?” Here are 10 famous Pakistani jokes from The Sarri-alist Movement that will leave you laughing on the floor (possibly).


1. Bismillahirrahmaanirraheem. 
Origin 1


2. Jew gotta be kiddin’ me.

Origin 2


3. This Knock-knock Akon joke.

Origin 3


4. Waves…Naam he kaafi hai!

Origin 4


5. And you thought Xenon was a noble gas? :p

Origin 5


6. This sarri that got too real about the economic situation in Pakistan.

Origin 6

7. To all the guys named ‘Hayat’ who have to listen to this juggat on daily basis: WE FOUND YOUR CULPRIT.11898939_760774390717539_1005960610981093286_n

8. Sarri level: Over 9000Soya Sauce


9. Perhaps the most viral forwarded message of 2012 (also the lamest :p)

10. And THIS fire pun which has been re-posted 827090078601 times since then:


Origin 8


If you have any similar jokes/sarris, post them on the The Sarri-alist Movement or the comments section below.


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