‘Mumkin’ Is Topping Our Playlists. Here Are 5 Reasons Why

By MangoBaaz Studio | 14 Nov, 2020

Safe to say everything, slowed down with the lockdowns amidst COVID-19 spreading at the speed of light. Accepting and embracing the new-normal has been quite an experience. This year has been cruel to most of us, to say the least; with our health affected, our plans halted and unfulfilled dreams, we all feel a bit demotivated. Here’s when a ray of hope and motivation came forth in the form of a musical masterpiece ‘Mumkin’ of Strepsils Stereo season 3 by the music maestro Shuja Haider as he ventures into a new avenue i.e. acapella.

We’re going to list down 5 reasons why this song needs to be the MOOD for 2021 and thus topping our playlists! 

1. New talent on board in ‘Mumkin’!

You hardly see new talent doing branded content because the success formula seems to be old songs and big names, a little remix here and there, and voila! (no pun intended)

Why is this even important? Because listening to this song makes you realize why is there not enough Acappella out there when we have the talent right here to do such a good job. Look at the new entrants, music enthusiasts with a dream, who were provided with a platform and an opportunity of a lifetime, all thanks to Strepsils. This brings them a step closer to their goals and serves as an inspiration for all those talented people out there to pick up their instrument or clear their throats and get into practice to construct a musical piece of their own. You never know when you will get picked up by the legends of the industry to do a masterpiece like this one!

Source: Strepsils

2. Packed with motivation and inspiration

This feel-good track does not only give off good vibes but also serves notions of motivation and excitement. The upbeat element makes one feel care-free as they delve into this tune and allow themselves to block everything out.

Source: Strepsils

3. Creativity triggered by ‘Mumkin’

As much as the audio is power-packed, the video is equally eccentric with colors, illustrations really pick on your creative juices too. Strepsils new mantra ‘Na Mumkin Kuch Bhi Nahe’ literally translates to nothing is impossible.

Here, the lyrics, composition, and the creative loops witnessed are inspirational in all its aspects and the song makes one want to do an experiment on our own. 

So what are you waiting for? Put those headphones on and turn up the volume, chase those goals, and put that content out on your social media and take the first step toward your dreams.

Source: Strepsils

4. Music playlist upgrade

If you’ve been waiting to explore new music, this track won’t only make your playlist cooler, but will also get everyone’s attention in a group! The song is an absolute delight and surely to pump up your mood in an instant.

Source: Strepsils

5. For that extra rep at the gym

By now you have hopefully heard the song and are ready to add this to your playlist. If not, then here’s one more reason why you should already upgrade your playlist because this makes for that perfect anthem for gym time. So don’t go easy. Pick that dumbbell. Turn the volume up and get going! 

Source: Strepsils

Here are just the top 5 reasons we shared with you because there is just so much to talk about with Shuja Haider’s unparalleled musical craftsmanship! We’re in love with Strepsils Stereo season 3 and we thought we should update you with what’s hot and trending right now in the local music scene. Until next time!


This post on ‘Mumkin’ is sponsored by Strepsils



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